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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 18 cattle, 5,169 prime hoggs and 2,224 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 6th April 2017.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to -------p (-------p)
Heavy to -------p (-------p)

Light to 218.0p (218.0p)
Medium to 219.0p (217.0p)
Heavy to 224.0p (217.7p)

Light to 250.0p (173.9p)
Standard to 317.0p (186.0p)
Medium to 312.0p (185.2p)
Heavy to 288.0p (164.2p)

Light to £75.00 (£47.28)
Heavy to £164.00 (£82.83)

Cast Rams £130.00 (£84.26)

The company held its weekly sale of OTM’s and prime cattle where an entry of 18 head were forward. Again a shortage of numbers were a disappointment, with a few new faces present.

OTM’s – Simply electric trade!

Topping the sale was 131p firstly for a black and white cow from John Britain and secondly for a massive black cow from the Cavers twins. Johns consignment of working cows averaged £836.12. Top price was £1,074.20 from Sorbie.

Longtown cattle ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

Clean cattle average 218p – 7 buyers operating.

A wonderful show, buyers everywhere and more urgently needed to supply demand. James Taylor ruled supreme selling Limousin heifers to 224p, and his load averaged 219.25p. Blondes sold to 218p from David Robison, Oakwoodhill. Robert Fiddler sold heavyweight heifers to 216p x 2, with the best grossing £1,404. Tom Coates, an absentee in the prime cattle ring for many years was delighted with his Limousin heifer at 219p.

Remember maximum commission £30 per head. Sell live and thrive.

Another fine show of 5,169 prime hoggs were forward for sale to the usual busy ring of buyers. A tremendous show of export and lightweight hoggs were forward and witnessed a rising trade all day. An outstanding show of Blackface and Cheviot hoggs were forward and realised a premium if in the correct weight range. Best quality Beltex and Texel hoggs continue to meet one of the best trades in the country, where many more could be sold to advantage. Heavyweight hoggs remain similar.

The sale topped at £230 and £198 for two pens of excellent heavyweight Texel tup hoggs from Messrs Bell, Kirkton, Hawick, who averaged £138 for a run of 29 hoggs. Beltex were again topped by distance consignor Messrs Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth, selling to £128 and £126, and 317p to average £120 and 300ppk for a consignment of 45.

Sale averaged 177.6p (SQQ 184.4p).


Beltex 317p, 313p, 312p, 307p, 292p Easter Ochtermuthill, 286p Waterside, 283p Easter Ochtermuthill, 280p Waterside, 275p, 269p, 262p, 250p Copperthorns, 241p, 226p Lurgan.

Texel 288p Kirkton, 249p Tudhope, 247p Haas Grove, 239p, 235p Copperthorns, 233p Sowerby Wood, 230p Kirkton, 228p Sykehead, 227p Station Yard, 216p Burray.

Charollais 255p Creca Hall, 186p, 177p Conon Brae, 174p Waterside, 169p Outertown, 163p Plantation Cottage.

Cheviot 200p Raeburnhead, 198p Catslackburn, 195p Patties Hill, 190p Sandbed, Becks & Tushielaw, 189p Sorbie, 188p, 185p Golden Lane, 185p Oswie.

Blackface 200p Raeburnhead, 195p Garvilland, 193p Prestrie, 189p Maidencots, 188p Sykehead, 188p, 187p Catslackburn, 187p Prestrie, 186p Syart.

North Country Cheviot 198p Land, 195p Blackwoodridgehouse, 194p Whins, 193p Pennersaughs & Maidencots, 186p Pennersaughs & Lurgan, 184p Whins, 182p Prestrie.

Suffolk 193p Swaites, 184p Sykehead, 181p Broomhills & Creca Hall, 178p High Floweryhirst, 176p Plumpe, 174p Outertown, 173p Longburgh Fauld, 172p Kirtlebank, 171p Plantation Cottage.

Cheviot Mule 182p Oswie.

Rouge 181p Haas Grove.

Swaledale 179p, 176p, 171p Sykehead, 165p Orthwaite Hall.

Herdwick 179p Longburgh Fauld, 178p Pasture House, 177p High Priorscales.

Cross 177p, 176p Swaites, 173p Maidencots, 172p High Priorscales & Backshields, 171p Westerhopeburn, 170p Sykehead, 168p Achingills, 166p Outertown, 165p Plumpe.


Texel £230, £198, £118, £110, £108 Kirkton, £102 High Parson Bridge, £99 Jardine Hall & Becks, £98 Sowerby Wood & Copperthorns.

Beltex £128, £126, £122 Easter Ochtermuthill, £123 Waterside, £121 Copperthorns, £119 Easter Ochtermuthill, £118 Copperthorns, £114 Easter Ochtermuthill, £112 Waterside.

Charollais £97 Creca Hall, £88 Plantation Cottage, £80 Waterside, £78 Conon Brae.

Suffolk £90 Creca Hall, 85 Hazel Head, £84.50 Kirtleton House, £84 Swaites & Oswie, £83 High Floweryhirst, £82 Sceugh Dyke & Oswie, £81.50 Broomhills.

North Country Cheviot £87 Carruthers, £86.50 Land, £86.50, £86, £84.50 Longburgh Fauld, £85 Land, £83.50 Pennersaughs, Jerriestown, £83.50, £83 Whins.

Rouge £87 Haas Grove.

Cross £86 High Floweryhirst, £80 West Scales, £79 Prestrie, £78 Maidencots & Swaites, £76 Pasture House & Plumpe, £74 High Priorscales, West Scales & Cloggers Cottage.

Cheviot £86, £85.50, £85, £84.50 West Scales, £83.50, £83 Becks, £82.50, £82, £81 West Scales, £81 Tempest Tower & Becks, £80 Catslackburn.

Blackface £84.50 Creca Hall, £82 Meggethead, £81 Syart, £80.50 Cramalt, Prestrie & Maidencots, £80, £79.50 Oswie, £79 Meggethead, £78.50 West Scales.

Herdwick £76 High Priorscales.

Swaledale £75, £70.50 Sykehead.

Cheviot Mule £75 Longburgh Fauld.

Longtown sheep ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

A smaller show of 2,224 cast ewes and rams was presented to the usual ring of customers, who seemed to want sheep but also to buy them cheaper at the same time as current high rates have been met by resistance in the halal sector. More ewes are required during this quiet period. The sale topped at £164 for superb Texel ewes from Marygate. Rams to £130 for a Charolais from Messrs Connell, Minsca, Waterbeck.


Texel £164 Marygate, £148 Pasture House, £140 Dearham Hall, £138 Tercrosset, £136, £134 Marygate, £130 Pasture House, £128 Marygate & Carran, £127 Land, £125 West Millhills, £124 Chaseside, £123 West Knowe, £120 Hunley.

Suffolk £134, £125 Land, £118 Hazel Head, £116, £110, £108, £107 Kilnford Croft, £108 Skaill, £107 Becton Hall, £106 Chaseside, £104 Kilnford Croft, £103, £102 Beckfoot, £102 Chaseside, £101 Sceugh Dyke, £100 Thornington, Hazel Head, West Millhills & Heatherglen.

Charollais £126 Heatherglen, £116 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £114 Thackwood, £110, £109 Chaseside, £108 Heatherglen & Chaseside, £102 Dearham Hall, £100 Viewley.

Beltex £125, £112 The Wreay, £100 Beckfoot.

Blue Leicester £98 Hole of Lyne, £90 Whintingstown, £81 Hole of Lyne.

Cheviot Mule £96 Glenrath, £84 Dacre Lodge.

Half-bred £95 Burray.

North Country Cheviot £94 Larkhall, £88 Skaill, £86 West Millhills, £80 Larkhall, £77 Nirvana, £70 Burray & Drumreach.

Cross £86 Marygate, £85 Thornington & Milnholm, £84 Dearham Hall & Broomhills, £81 Fir Tree, £80 Burray, Oswie & Fordlands, £79 Broomlands, Trecorner & Eastside, £78 Redgate Head & The Farm, £77 Trailtrow.

Masham £83 Woolfords.

Dorset £73 Glenrath.


Blackface £75 Netherwood, £73 Woolfords, £69 Cramalt & Peela Hill, £68 Lawston, £64 Winterhopeburn, £59 Milnmark, £57 Glendinning, £56 Viewley, £55 Prestrie, £54 Eastside & Lyhnd.

Cheviot £73 Dunrobin, £60 Tushielaw & Halgary, £59 Allfornaught, £58 Becks, £57 Golden Lane & Glendinning, £56 Bloch & Broomlands, £54 Drumreach, £53 Allfornaught, £52 Dacre Lodge & Burray, £50 Dunrobin & The Farm.

Swaledale £65 Coatlith Hill, £55 Spoutbank, £52 Hollands, £50, £47 Oswie, £42 Coatlith Hill.

Lleyn £62 Loanend.

Kendal Rough £53 Gill Head.


Charollais £130 Minsca, £105 Beckfoot.

Texel £127 West Millhills, £120 Burray, £116 Heatherglen, £110 Viewley, £100 Marygate, £98 Hillside.

Suffolk £120 Marygate & Studdondene, £116 West Millhills.

North Country Cheviot £116 West Millhills.

Leicester £108 Knarr & Spoutbank.

Cheviot £108, £92 Becks.

Zwartble £95 Loanend.

Blackface £78 Glenshanna.

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