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Krone Swadro 1400 Plus Boasts Dynamic Rotor Suspension

Krone’s Swadro 1400 Plus four-rotor centre delivery rake is now available with the option of a dynamic rotor suspension system that is particularly useful in extremely undulating and very soft land (e.g. bogs).

As the Krone Swadro 1400 Plus operator adjusts the work width (11.0-13.5) a hydraulic ram on the main beam adjusts automatically the spring suspension system on the leading rotor for perfect control in any position and exemplary contouring and rakes even in difficult conditions.

Swadro 1400 Plus at work

Krone Swadro 1400 Plus at work

This underscores once again the machine’s repute as a genuine comfort rake. The centre delivery rake runs on a hydraulic height-adjustable axle which lowers the machine quickly and easily to a sub-4m transport height including its rigid tine arms.

More than that, the rake features stronger driveshafts that support enduring operation in the most difficult conditions and maintenance-free rotor gearboxes with heavy-duty and unlubricated Duramax cam tracks that come with a 3-year warranty. These cam tracks from Krone’s modular system are used on all rakes, from the single-rotor model to the Swadro 2000 flagship. The tine arms have ball bearings and are maintenance-free, requiring no lubrication at all.

Each rotor carries 13 tine arms for even cleaner work and features the impressive Krone Jet Effect, which raises the leading end of the rotor first, preventing the tines from scratching the ground during lift-out and lowering. This is feasible thanks to the rotors’ cardanic suspension which shifts the centre of gravity.

Another Plus for Swadro 1400 Plus is the electronic Comfort rotor height control system, which allows the operator to select the work depth of the first rotor from the tractor cab. After that, the servomotors set the remaining rotors automatically and to identical depths. Also a standard feature, one rotor can lift out separately from all others.


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