Farmers Significantly Contribute to Nation’s Economic Well-Being

In times of such political uncertainty, it is a welcome sight to see that agriculture across the whole of the UK continues to generate a tremendous amount of wealth for many thousands whose livelihoods are tied to food production.

Looking at data sourced via an infographic produced by the farm machinery traders Farm Locator, such a key industry continues to post some very welcome figures.

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Covering more than 70% of the UK’s geographical landscape and employing approximately just shy of 300,000 people, farming operations in the UK continue to lead in the production of numerous forms of produce-be they meat based, fruit, vegetables, dairy, and so on.

Such diversity has long been one of the key strengths of British agriculture which has enabled it to weather fluctuations of pricing and demand, enabling the overall industry to remain strong even as individual segments may have temporally encountered setbacks.

Domestically though we can see that whilst all of the regions of the UK prosper as a result of farming, there are those that benefit more than others. The North-East of England and East Anglia in particular stand out as deriving the greatest level of income from crop output, but that is not to say that the others do badly for themselves.

It is interesting to note as well that sales of organic products continue to rise, no doubt as part of a wider consumer shift towards products deemed healthier both for themselves and for the environment. The impact of farming methods from a sustainability perspective has long been a hot topic, and new legislation reflects this mood in the public consciousness.

With storm clouds potentially gathering though in regards to a number of issues crucial to agriculture such as the future of migrant workers, it would be fascinating to examine the same data once more in a couple of years’ time, once the impact of Brexit can be felt at least in the short-term. There will of course always be a huge market for farming produce, but will political matters begin to rear their head? Either way, the future of British farming is certainly poised to remain lucrative, the question rather is to what extent will this be the case?

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