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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 41 cattle, 5,284 prime lambs and 4,848 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 30th November 2017.


Light to 143.0p (143.0p)
Medium to 169.0p (168.5p)
Heavy to -------p (------p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 251.0p (220.8p)
Heavy to 222.0p (220.0p)

Light to 210.0p (173.0p)
Standard to 259.0p (185.5p)
Medium to 270.0p (190.5p)
Heavy to 212.0p (177.2p)
Overweight 191.0p (169.5p)

Light to £68.00 (£37.41)
Heavy to £164.00 (£76.93)

Rams £132.00 (£75.16)

A total of 41 cast cows and prime cattle were forward, the cast cow section was totally dominated by Galloway cows and mainly leaner sorts. The sale topped at 119p for a Galloway cow sold by The Kennel Club Ltd, Emblehope, followed by 118p twice, firstly for another Galloway from Eskdale & Liddesdale Farming, Blackburn, and then for an Angus stock bull from Messrs McKerrow, Darlawhills which grossed £1,132.80.

An increased number of 16 clean cattle and a much better show for quality saw the best end very dear, with the continental bred cattle averaging 226p and peaked at 251p for a black Limousin heifer sold by A & J N Story, Newbiggin. British Blue heifers topped at £1,387.50 shown by J&J&D Taylor, Englishtown. More quality heifers could have been easily sold.

Christmas show next week, please advise all entries as soon as possible.

Longtown cattle ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith



Galloway 119p Emblehope, 18p Blackburn, 111p Sewing Shields, 86p Hartsgarth.

Angus Bull 118p Darlawhills.

Shorthorn 110p Gibstown.



Angus Bull £1,132 Darlawhills.

Galloway £702 Blackburn, £666 Emblehope, £599 Sewing Shields.

Shorthorn £566 Gibstown.



Blue Grey Bullocks 169p, 168p Sark Tower.

British Blue Heifers 225p, 222p Englishtown.

Limousin Heifers 251p, 246p Newbiggin, 228p, 226p, 224p Englishtown.



British Blue £1,387, £1,282 Englishtown.

Limousin £1,351 Englishtown, £1,330, £1,279 Newbiggin.

Another larger entry of 5,284 prime lambs were forward to the usual ring of buyers. A tremendous show for both quality and strength in all weight ranges, made for a fast selling trade throughout. All classes 10-14p dearer on the week, resulting in a much stronger average. Many more best quality lambs required to fill increasing demand. Please note next week is the Christmas Show and Sale.

Sale topped at 270p for wonderful Beltex lambs from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth. Top price per head of £112 for a pen of tremendous Beltex lambs from R & S Nixon & Co, Oakwood, Selkirk, closely followed at £110 from M & W Fotheringham, Drumcairn, Perth.

Overall sale average 185.0p (SQQ 187.1p).


Beltex 270p Easter Ochtermuthill, 260p Oakwood, 259p Easter Ochtermuthill, 258p Eastside, 257p Oakwood, 256p Drumcairn & Waterside, 254p, 253p Seggie Farms, 250p Easter Ochtermuthill, 247p The Firs, 246p Drumcairn, 244p Oakwood.

Texel 243p Crawthat & Seggie Farms, 241p Burray, 239p Crawthat, 238p Dunjop, 235p Hermitage, 233p Burnside, 231p Seggie Farms & Leanach, 229p Easter Ochtermuthill & Gelston Castle, 228p Raggetsyke.

Suffolk 224p Kinknockie, 197p Brisco Meadows, 195p Craigens, Kinknockie & Gartvaigh, 194p Craigens, 190p Kinknockie & Hallburn.

Cheviot 200p Skelfhill, 193p Broomlea & Springfield Farm Court, 192p Hall Farm, 190p Burray, 188p Roughet Hill, 187p Whinneyknowe & Cadgillhead, 186p Dalmakethar & Fenwick.

Blue du Maine 200p Whinneyknowe.

Charollais 195p Sceugh Dyke & Kinknockie, 194p Wallend, 191p Burnside, 190p Kinknockie & Archerbeck.

Cross 191p Nunscleugh, 185p Sykehead, 184p Woodhall, 183p Hollows Mill, Gartvaigh & Arnicle, 182p Keil & Wiston Place, 181p Greenburn.

Blackface 184p, 182p Clonrae, 180p Arnicle, Kirkland, Roughet Hill & Minsca, 179p Clonrae & Pitland Hills.

Oxford 180p, 176p Guards.

Cheviot Mule 179p Tushielaw, 173p Borthwickshiels.

Lleyn 173p Corbelly Hill, 172p Over Whitlaw.

North Country Cheviot 172p Bardnaclaven.

Swaledale 168p Westernhopeburn.


Beltex £112 Oakwood, £110 Drumcairn, £104 The Croft & Burray, £101 Drumcairn, £100 Waterside, £99 Seggie Farms, £98 Eastside, £96 Easter Ochtermuthill, £95 Arkleby House.

Texel £108, £105 Easter Ochtermuthill, £103 The Croft, £102 Crawthat, £101 Fowrass, £100 Dunjop, £98 Crawthat & Sibmister, £97 Leanach, Broomhill & Seggie Farms.

Suffolk £99.50, £99, £98.50 Sceugh Dyke, £96 The Ha’, £94 Staffler & Burray, £93 Sykehead & Wallend, £92 Sibmister, £91 High Wreay, £90 Sykehead.

Charollais £91 Wallend, £90 Tinnishall, £84 Sceugh Dyke, £82 Burnside, £81.50 Archerbeck.

Cross £90.50 Sykehead, £86 High Wreay, £85 Trailtrow, £84 Nunscleugh, £80 Archerbeck, Wiston Place, Springfield Farm Court & Nunscleugh.

Half-bred £89 Whiteknowe.

North Country Cheviot £86 Bardnaclaven.

Cheviot £82 Skelfhill, £81.50 Elm Bank, £81 Catslackburn, £79 Roughet Hill, £78 Catslackburn, £77.50 Skelfhill, £75 Hall Farm, £74 Catslackburn, £72 Broomlea & Springfield Farm Court.

Cheviot Mule £82 Hownam Grange, £81 Tushielaw.

Blackface £77.50 Skelfhill, £77 Pitland Hills, £76 Craig Douglas, £75 Kirkland, £74.50 Eastside, £74, £73 Pitland Hills, £72 Kirkland, Minsca & Roughet Hill.

Longtown sheep ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

Another large show of 4,848 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers, with trade £3-4 dearer in all classes apart from plain ewes. Best quality ewes met extreme rates with heavy ewes short of buyer requirements. All other classes sharper with rams remaining similar.

Sale topped at £164 for tremendous Texel ewes from Beckfoot. Texel rams to £132 from Messrs Wilkinson, Arkleby House. Hill ewes to £68 for massive Blackface ewes from Messrs Galloway, Lochlyoch, Carmichael, Biggar.


Texel £164 Beckfoot, £158, £156 Broom Park, £153 Riddle Cottage, £150, £149 Bascodyke Foot, £148 Overburns & Viewley, £146 Dotland Park, £144 Burray, Eastside & Heatherglen, £142 Bascodyke Foot, £140 Dotland Park, £139 Bascodyke Foot & Eastside, £138 Viewley, £136 Riddell Cottage, £135 Ashton, £134 Broom Park.

Charollais £142, £124 Beckfoot, £114 Chaseside, £112 Beckfoot, £100 Jacksonrigg.

Suffolk £124 Viewley, £118 Heatherglen, £118, £116 Chaseside, £114 Viewley, £113 Chaseside, £112 Beckfoot, £109 Chaseside, £108 Burray & Viewley, £106 Heatherglen & Fowrass, £105 Eastside.

Beltex £123 Dotland Park, £116 Eastside & Waterside, £112 Eastside, £110, £100 Dotland Park, £100 Burray.

North Country Cheviot £96 Nybster & Chaseside, £90 Whiteknowe, Beckfoot & Chaseside, £88 Viewley, £86 Dalmakethar, £84 Brockhouse, £82 Aucharua.

Half-bred £92, £90 Broom Park.

Cross £90 Dunjop, £85 Eastside, £84 Hallburn Croft, £82 Viewley, £81 Achalone, £80 Waterside & Lochlyoch, £78 Longbeoch, £76 High Yarridge, £75 Eastside, Cowburnrigg, Satchells & Shawhill.

Blue Faced Leicester £90 Raggetsyke, £82 Eastside.

Cheviot Mule £81 Eastside, £78 Satchells.


Blackface £68 Lochlyoch, £65 Eastside, £62 Cowburnrigg, £61 Gartvaigh & Lochlyoch, £58 The Brigg, £57 Lochlyoch, £55 Eastside, £53 Chirdon & Craighead, £50 High Yarridge, Dumcairn & Wiston Place.

Cheviot £68 Tushielaw, £60 Solwaybank, £52 Skelfhill & Home Farm, £50 High Chesters, Tushielaw & Kirkhouse, £48 High Chesters, £46 Kinknockie, £45 Nether Gribton.

Lleyn £65 Gatehousecote & Sharplaw

Easycare £45 Blackhaugh.

Swaledale £40 Woodhall & Parson Shields, £36 Hollinclose, £32 Broadmea, Woodhouse & Nunscleugh.


Texel £132 Arkleby House, £120 Pearsby Hall & Smyllum, £116 Viewley, £115 Smyllum, £114 Heatherglen, £108 Eastside, £106 Beckfoot, £100 Priory Nook, Plocan & Heatherglen.

Blue Faced Leceister £128 Cowburnrigg, £101 Gate House.

Blackface £120 Whiteside.

Suffolk £112 Blackhaugh, £102 Chaseside.

Hampshire £112 Heatherglen.

Beltex £108 Viewley.

Charollais £105 Dashwell Green.

Lleyn £98 South Bowerhouses.

Romney £90 Viewfield.

North Country Cheviot £88 Viewley, £86 Nybster, £82 Whiteknowe.

Cheviot £76 Sorbietrees.

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