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Bowberhill Holstein Herd to Disperse

The complete dispersal of the award winning Bowberhill Holstein herd, will be conducted by Harrison & Hetherington at Borderway Mart, Carlisle with guest auctioneer Tom Brooksbank on Friday 16th March 2018.

This will be the first time a current Champion winning herd will sell. The catalogue of genetics on offer will prove irresistible to those wanting to invest in the very best Holsteins.

Bowberhill Holsteins

Bowberhill Holsteins

Awarded the Master Breeder Award in 2017 and winners of the Border and Lakeland Herd Competition, Cumbrian based Malcolm and Jean Hutchinson, have decided to disperse the herd, after a lifetime of impressive achievements in the dairy industry.

With 100 milking cows and 115 young stock on offer, dairy farmers have this rare opportunity to tap into some incredible cow families – such as Barb, Blossom, Mandy, Roxy, Lulu and Midge to name a few. An impressive 26 Excellent, 51 Very Goods, (19 are Very Good two year olds) 4 Good Plus cows and 23 Good Plus two year olds sell.

Some of the headline animals include: Bowberhill Mogul Gremlin VG88, milking in her second lactation giving 38kg, she will be followed by her fancy Classic daughter; Bowberhill Logrey Mogul Mandy VG87 is fresh in her second lactation giving 41kg. Bowberhill McCutchen Barb 2 is a very special Milking Yearling, fresh as 23 months in December and scored VG86 2 year old in January; her pedigree is magnificent with a EX93 Jeeves dam, EX94 Shottle grand dam and EX94 Emerson 3rd dam.

Genetics from the world-renowned Mandy family will also be on sale. The Hutchinson’s have worked with Doug and Carol Reynolds of Logrey Holsteins since 2004 when they purchased Loford Rudolph Mandy 2 together from the late Michael Armstrong of the Wolfa herd. This relationship has proved successful for all parties, each bringing an undisputed commitment and passion to develop this family and breed functional, profitable animals.

The Bowberhill herd average on two times milking is 9,867kgs at 4.08% fat and 3.13% protein, cell counts run under 80; on a grass based system from May-October - reflecting the production ability of these genetics on a traditional UK system. Cows are housed in the winter and fed a TMR with in parlour feed. The health status of the herd is to the highest standard. The are tested clear of BVD, Lepto, Johnes and vaccinated for IBR.

H&H dairy auctioneer, Glyn Lucas, explains:
“The Bowberhill dispersal is truly a unique opportunity for dairy farmers to tap into some world leading cow families. The pedigrees are all complete with generations of either Excellent or Very Goods uninterrupted. The Hutchinson’s are testament that the investment in top quality pedigree stock pays off, having been prolific sellers of pedigree animals for many years and leading dairy farmers in the UK.”

“This is a must attend event and I’m very confident that everyone will be more than impressed with these modern Holsteins. No less than 45 Mogul daughters sell, the mammary systems on these cows are world class and among the best we have ever sold at Borderway.”

The dispersal will see a new era of farming at Redgate Farm, with son Richard, and wife Catherine, turning their whole focus to their pedigree sheep enterprise, which comprises of Kirkby Redgate Bluefaced Leicesters, the Dolphinseat Swaledale and Howgillfoot Suffolk pedigree flocks. Daughter, Lois, along with her husband Richard are Cumbrian vets, so the family’s involvement in Cumbrian farming promises to continue through the next generations.


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