World Milk Expo

Milk is the uniting factor on the trade show floor of the World Milk Expo. This new exhibition will be held on June 20, 21 and 22, in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands, concurrent with VIV Europe 2018.

Milk in the spotlight at VIV Europe 2018e

The Netherlands is a leading country in the field of agriculture. Dutch farmers and their suppliers are among the best in the world. Therefore colleagues from all over the world want to meet them in the Netherlands at VIV Europe 2018.


However, the event does not have the space to pay attention to the production, processing and marketing of milk and milk products. And that while dairy farming constitute an important part of the Dutch agricultural success. The new World Milk Expo has been set up to provide milk-producing and processing companies an international stage.

By bringing together the professional know-how and passion of Dutch farmers, the science and knowledge of the Dutch institutes and the innovative strength of suppliers at one trade show, we are creating an international platform for all professionals involved in the production and processing of milk. With this event, organisers AST Expo and VNU Exhibitions are launching a new and unique international trade show concept. The World Milk Expo is linked to VIV Europe 2018. Both shows are organised separately, but do take place at the same place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

The strength of the World Milk Expo lies in its location: The Netherlands. The most dynamic and authoritative country in the world when it comes to agriculture. From an international point of view, it is the best possible location.

The World Milk Expo showcases all types of milk-related products and services, such as nutrition, health, management, and the housing and milking of dairy cows, sheep and goats. A unique feature is the presentation of (maximum) 120 prize-winning cows by various breeding organisations.

But cooling, transport, handling, processing, packaging and distribution of milk are also important points of attention at the World Milk Expo. The exhibitors are supplier companies for the dairy farming and dairy industries, active in the top of their segment.

The World Milk Expo is aimed at dairy farmers, domestic and internationally, and all those people who are involved in the production, processing and/or marketing of milk and milk products on a professional basis. In addition to the international promotion, the World Milk Expo is also brought to the attention of a professional audience in the Netherlands. Entrance is free, provided that visitors register their visit online in advance.

World Milk Expo

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