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Introducing the New Krone Ballerina Round Baler

The entire farming industry is struggling to cope with a shortage of skilled labour, be it dairy farms, arable farms or even contractors. In an effort to combat this, KRONE has unveiled a new round baler designed to appeal particularly to female customers – the KRONE Ballerina.

The Ballerina will join the Bellima, Fortima and Comprima as the fourth member of the round baler family in the Krone range.

Krone Ballerina Round Baler

Krone Ballerina Round Baler

As well as striking paintwork to signal from afar that women are in the driving seat on this farm, the Ballerina has a range of features aimed specifically at this target group. For example, with the dampers on the side panels perfectly calibrated to match the tare weight of the panels, all can be opened and closed effortlessly. The terminal on the new Ballerina is also a world first. Krone has taken the bold step of replacing the complex programming system with a conventional voice-activated ‘Alexa’. So all it takes to release the finished bale from the bale chamber is the command “Alexa, open the rear door”. In conjunction with the Krone TIM system, Alexa can even control the tractor functions.

Krone has also come up with a new film wrap system. Krone engineers have joined forces with the German producer of household film Melitta to produce a special film wrap made from the same material as kitchen clingfilm in widths of up to 128 cm. Weighing only a quarter of conventional film wraps, these mini-rolls can be inserted in the baler with little physical exertion.

By introducing innovative features which rely more on brains than brawn, Krone hopes to win over female customers in the 2018 season and is planning a first series of 80 units. If the concept takes off, Spelle may see further product groups customized in a similar way.


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