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Beef Shorthorn Females Peak at 8,000gns in Longtown

Beef Shorthorns sold to a top of 8,000gns in Longtown on Monday 27 August when Paul Braithwaite (Juaul Farms) dispersed his Albion herd and achieved 100% clearance at the centre’s annual female breed sale supported by the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society.

Sale leader at 8,000gns was Albion Rosebud Jihan, a three-year roan by Democrat of Upsall and sold with her seven-month-old heifer, Juaul Rosebud Maharani Rosebud by LS Driscoll. The pair went to Balnabroich Farms, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

Beef Shorthorn Sale

Beef Shorthorn sale in progress

The same buyers went on to take five more entries including Albion Jilt Jadazia, another three-year-old roan by Democrat for 4,800gns. They then went to pay 4,200gns twice; first to go was Albion Maryann Jacinta, a roan Democrat sired three-year-old offered with her three-month-old heifer, Juaul Maryann Maybelle by Knowehead Hercules. Balnabrioch’s second 4,200gns bid went to Albion Maryann Estrella, a roan Tarrant Arnie daughter sold with her seven-month-old bull, Juaul Maelstrom by Democrat.

A bid of 3,500gns secured for Balnabroich the two-year-old red and little white heifer, Albion Maryann Karma, a Democrat daughter in calf to Glenbrae Grant, whilst their final lot at 2,800gns was the two-year-old roan Albion Beauty Kellaina, another Democrat daughter and in calf to Grant.

Two entries were bid to 7,200gns, the day’s second highest price, and both went to A and C Farms, Langham, Rutland. Albion Tanzy Karissa and Albion Rosebud Kuljeet were both two-year-old roan heifers by Democrat and in calf to Glenbrae Grant. The same buyers also went to 6,800gns for Juaul Albion Kasarna, another same age and same way bred roan heifer and in calf to Grant.

Albion Jilt Emilia, a seven-year-old roan by Tarrant Arnie together with her six-month-old heifer, Juaul Jilt Matriania by Democrat made 5,200gns to SC Mair and Sons, Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

Other leading entries from Albion included at 3,400gns the five-year-old light roan Arnie sired Albion Rosebud Gloredhel sold with her four-month-old bull, Juaul Maitre’d. The buyers were W Marshall and Son, Crocketford, Dumfriesshire.

Leading entry amongst the collective sale at 2,300gns was Pikelow Gold Girl, a three-year-old red and little white by Pikelowe Goldrush from Andrew Thompson, Chorley, Lancashire. She was sold with her four-month-old heifer, Pikelow Golden Girl, by Loch Awe Lysander, to C Clayton, Accrington, Lancashire.

Albion, 28 entries £3,472.50;
collective females, 42 entries, £1,407.50

Beef Shorthorn

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