Much to Discuss at Game 2019

Key issues in game management are being discussed at a conference being held by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) at The Allerton Project on Tuesday 5th March.

Game 2019 will bring game managers up-to-date covering the latest research advice relevant to lowland game shoots, as well as aiming to promote good practice in the game and wildlife management sector.


Topical subjects will be presented by a series of industry experts leading discussions on Brexit, trapping and pheasant releasing research. External guest speakers including Polly Davies, Tim Furbank and Tom Adams.

Tom Adams will be expressing the important role of the British Game Alliance in the game industry. As managing director, Tom and the team work to promote the value of all feathered game to the public while exploring new markets at home and overseas to ensure that game meat products meet rigorous and ethical standards.

Director of seed-specialists Oakbank, Tim Furbank will be exploring multi-purpose game covers which deliver many benefits for shoots. Oakbank is heavily involved in GWCT-led projects, such as the Rotherfield Demonstration Farm.

Polly Davies, an account manager at event co-sponsors Elanco, has wide-ranging expertise in the animal and equine health industry and will be talking to delegates about gamebird parasitology - the study of parasites, their hosts, and the relationship between them.

Ahead of the event, co-organiser Dr Roger Draycott said:
“Game 2019 is for professional game managers who want to be up to speed with the latest research and advice on the key current issues affecting lowland game shoots.

“We have selected a range of GWCT and outside speakers who will tackle some of the challenges and opportunities facing game shoots today, including Brexit, the benefits of multi-purpose game covers, traps and trapping, pheasant releasing research, GWCT’s demonstration shoots and much more.

“The overriding aim of the conference is to promote best practice in game management through knowledge exchange.”

There are also talks from GWCT staff comprising Dr Alastair Leake covering Brexit, Andrew Gilruth on GWCT’s best-selling book The Knowledge, Dr Jonathan Reynolds on trapping and Rufus Sage on pheasant releasing research.

Austin Weldon will also be talking about GWCT’s demonstration shoots and said:
“This is a golden opportunity to speak to a number of industry leaders and learn about the most important issues facing game shooting and its direction in the future.

“The game sector is constantly evolving, and it is well-proven that good game management provides huge benefits for other wildlife.

“However, game managers need to keep up-to-date and constantly strive for higher standards across the whole sector and this is what Game 2019 sets out to achieve.”


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