Is Your Quad Covered for the Road Ahead?

H&H Insurance Brokers emphasise to Farmers the importance of ensuring they have correct insurance cover for their quad bike if it is being used on a public road.

“The onset of Spring brings with it more activity and on most farms, this often includes increased use of ATVs and quad bikes. However, many farmers are unaware that if you are driving a farm quad bike or similar on any public road, it is a legal requirement that you must have a minimum insurance cover of Third Party Only on a motor policy”, states Gemma Rawlinson, Senior Account Executive at H&H Insurance Brokers for the Scottish Borders. 

Ensure Your Quad is Insured for Public Road Use.

Ensure Your Quad is Insured for Public Road Use

Farmers will generally have their quad bikes covered on a Farm Policy if they are completely off road – for both damage and theft. On the other hand, for farmers that require using bikes on public roads to gain access to distant fields and buildings, this cover is not enough.

 “To meet with the Road Traffic Act and keeping in line with government guidelines, you must ensure that your quad bikes and ATVs are on a motor policy. Any agricultural quad bike which is used on the road must be registered and licenced for road use. It must have a number plate to the front and rear and at least third-party insurance.

We are aware from meeting with customers, that many farmers unintentionally do not have their quads insured correctly. They do not realise that if their quad bike were to go on any road whatsoever, they will automatically be at risk and this could potentially lead to a very high claim.

This is a busy time of the year, with quad bikes regularly being used to move sheep around during lambing, so I would strongly urge you check your policy and have the correct cover in place.”

“Another important point to note”, says Gemma, “is theft”: “In recent months, there has been a significant increase in the theft of agricultural vehicles, most especially off-road vehicles, and in most cases, they can’t always be recovered quickly.”

“There is, however, help at hand as the government have recently launched a -protect-your-off-road-vehicle scheme, which some farmers may not be aware of. This has been introduced to register off-road vehicles in order to specifically improve detection rates in theft.

It is an online platform to help police quickly find and source vehicles which are used on farmland only, in the event of being stolen. This provides reassurance to farmers and offers a simple way to secure their vehicle stock.

“Now is the right time to cover your quad bike; both on and off the road”, concludes Gemma. Finally, don’t forget, never leave the keys in your bike whilst unattended!

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