Innovative Oxygen Barrier Film Helps Improve Silage Quality

An innovative new oxygen barrier silage film that aims to reduce Dry Matter (DM) losses and eliminate mould and bacteria growth has been launched by ARK Agriculture, to improve silage quality for dairy and livestock farms, as well as anaerobic digestion (AD) plants.

A new range to complement ARK’s industry-recognised silage clamp systems and ancillary products including sheets, accessories and enzymes, OXY SEAL is manufactured using a state-of-the-art extrusion system ensuring a quality finishis produced, every time.


Repercussions of spoiled silage due to oxygen permeation can have dire consequences for the farmer. The impact on animal production due to nutrient deficiency and risk to health, and the simple economics due to losses, can have serious impact on a farmer’s investment.

A coordinated silage storage system reduces the risk of these losses, and OXY SEAL helps eliminate waste and improve quality as part of an integrated approach. Combining a multi-layer polyethylene sheet with ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), OXY SEAL is an industry leading oxygen barrier film.

“OXY SEAL is incredibly strong and robust, and as a single sheet film it is easier to use than similar products in the UK market,” explains William Wilson, business development director at ARK Agriculture.

The fully recyclable, single 90µ oxygen barrier film is UV stable for up to 18 months and is available in a full range of sizes. OXY SEAL is available from ARK’s UK warehouse for delivery to site within 24-48 hours.

ARK Agriculture is the UK expert in silage storage for dairy and livestock farms and AD plants, with its combined clamps storing some 1.5 million tonnes of silage across the country. OXY SEAL is the latest development as ARK strives to provide the complete package, tailored to customer requirements.

“Our focus is very much on providing integrated solutions to suit the individual requirement,” says Mr Wilson.
“No two farm operations or AD plants are the same, and it is important to ascertain the specific environment to deliver the best quality silage system.

“When we speak with a customer, we look at the bigger picture, providing tailored-packages based on safety, efficiency and reliability, rather than ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. Customer relationships are key, and we believe our role is as a partner, rather than supplier. Our expert team works with the client through the entire project, from start to finish,” he adds.

OXY SEAL is available now through ARK Agriculture, the experts in silage clamp design and construction.

Ark Agriculture

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