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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,710 sheep comprising of 4,602 prime hoggs and 3,108 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 9th January 2020.


Light to          224.0p (199.8p) 
Standard to    316.0p (214.3p) 
Medium to     315.0p (220.4p) 
Heavy to        260.0p (202.6p)

Light to           £92.00 (£64.54) 
Heavy to         £191.00 (£103.62)

Rams             £136.00 (£93.04)

An improved entry of cast cows was forward selling to £1,048 and 138p for British Blue cows from Messrs D & Y Wilson, Plumpe, Gretna. More required on a weekly basis.

Longtown sheep ring

A large, good quality show of 4,602 prime hoggs attracted the usual buyers. All classes met a fast selling trade throughout the day with averages up 5p on the week. Overall average 213.1p (SQQ 217.4p)

Export weights all sold between 270-300p per kilo to a top of 316p for Beltex hoggs from TA Jefferson, Aspatria Hall, Aspatria.

Commercial hoggs made between 210-230p per kilo. Heavy hoggs comprised of 30% of the entry and were in great demand, selling to £129 for Beltex hoggs on several occasions, from S & A Moore of Mains of Balhall, TA Jefferson of Aspatria Hall, ST Jefferson of Peartree Cottage and A Moffat of Stonehouse.

Light hoggs met a much stronger enquiry with most pens of good meat hoggs selling from 210-225p per kilo and to 224p for Cheviot hoggs from DE & M Butler, Beckfoot, Annan. Top price per head of £70 for 32kg Cheviot and Blackface hoggs from J Halliday & Sons, Springwells, Lockerbie.


Beltex 316p, 315p, 307p Aspatria Hall, 300p Mains of Balhall, Peartree Cottage & Stonehouse.

Texel 293p Ballinloan, 289p Dormansteads, 273p Cadgillhead.  

Herdwick 225p Orthwaite Hall, 212p Longrow Cottage.

Cheviot 224p Hawthornside & Beckfoot, 218p Springwells & Kilwhipnach, 216p Maidencots & Pilmuir.

Charollais 224p Miller Hill.  

Suffolk 220p Tinnishall, 219p Hollows Mill, 217p High Cattadale.  

Blackface 215p Silloans & Springwells, 214p Arnicle, 213p West Scales.  

Cheviot Mule 212p Lythmore, 204p Dodgsonstown, 200p Skirling Mains.  

Mule 211p Easter Alemoor, 209p Grindon Hill & Gallowberry, 207p Maidencots & Burn House.  

Oxford 210p, 207p, 203p Mains of Balhall.  

North Country Cheviot 208p Whiteknowe, 204p Parks, 203p Whiteknowe.  

Swaledale 201p Longlea, 194p, 191p Westburnhope.


Beltex £129 Mains of Balhall, Peartree Cottage & Stonehouse, £129, £126 Aspatria Hall, £122 Lurgan.  

Texel £126 Ballinloan, £120 Lingey Field, £118 Stonehouse.

Suffolk £115 Oswie, £110 Dunjop, £108 Becks.

North Country Cheviot £106, £102.50 Whiteknowe.

Mule £105 Sherra Craig, £100 Dunjop, £98.50 Breconridge.  

Oxford £103, £100 Mains of Balhall.

Cheviot Mule £100 Dormansteads, £96.50, £94 Dodgsonstown.  

Blackface £95.50 West Scales, £89 Silloans, £88 West Scales, £87 Broathill.

Cheviot £94 Westerton Cottage, £93 Humbleheugh, £92.50 Marchbank.  

Herdwick £85.50 Orthwaite Hall, £83 Longrow Cottage.  

Swaledale £80 Westernhopeburn.

A larger show of 3,108 cast ewes and rams met record prices from an increased attendance of buyers. Overall average being £93.82, with 1,201 ewes selling at £100 and over to average £122.97 per head.

Heavy ewes sold to £191 for a pen of Texel ewes shown by J Connell, Wanton Walls, Lauder. Greyface ewes saw many pens over £100 and topped at £108 from A & J Dickson, Sorrowlessfield Mains, Earlston.

Hill ewes to £92 for Cheviots from J Common & Son, Crossdykes, Corrie with a large entry of cast rams selling to a top of £136 for Texels from J Scott & Partners, Fearn Farm, Inverness.


Texel £191 Wanton Walls, £186 Becks, £183 Thirlestane, £182 Roxburgh Mains.

Suffolk £138 Howgillside, £129 Benmore Street & Marygate, £126 Oswie, Sorrowlessfield Mains, Beckfoot & Howgillside.

Charollais £136 Beck, £133 Chaseside, £126 Hunderlee Pastoral.

Beltex £130 Blackadder Mains, £124 Greenside & Dotland Park, £120 Aspatria Hall & Blackadder Mains.

Millennium Bleu £126 Blackadder Mains.

North Country Cheviot £119 Upper Tinwald, £113 Carruthers, £111 Dormansteads & Ballinloan.  

Cheviot Mule £119 Upper Huntley Wood, £110 Clackmae, £102 Newton Cottage.  

Bluefaced Leicester £115 Thirstane Cottage, £111 Tinnis.  

Mule £108 Sorrowlessfield Mains, £103 Wallend, £102 Newton Cottage, Dashwell Green & Craig House.  

Zwartble £104 Springfield Farm Court.

Half Bred £103 Marygate.


Cheviot £92 Crossdykes, £86 Folley, £85 Branxholm Braes.  

Blackface £86 Tinnis, £84 Gibbs Hill, £83 Walton Park.  

Easycare £73, £70 Blackhaugh.  

Swaledale £70 Parsons Shield & The Wreay, £66 Fir Tree, £64 Broomhills & Whitfield Estate.   

Kerry Hill £70 Folley.


Texel £136 Fearn, £134 Beck, £133 Kildalloig, £132 Bleatarn, £130 Chaseside.

Beltex £132 Craig House & Mains of Balhall.  

North Country Cheviot £123 Batey Shield, £112 Swinside Townfoot.

Bluefaced Leicester £120 Chirdon, £117 Brennanlea, £112 Swinside Townfoot.

Charollais £120 Townfoot.  

Suffolk £118 Oswie, £115 Low Hallburn, £106 Clackmae.

Cheviot £102 Milnholm, £101 Crossdykes, £95 Becks.

Bleu du Maine £102 Chaseside.

Blackface £94 Tinnis, £93 Arnicle & Brennanlea.  

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