Fantastic Demand for Lleyn Sheep at Exeter

Annual Show & Sale at Exeter Mart – 25th September 2021

The bar has been set high at the opening 2021 Society Sale in Exeter. Demand was strong across all sections helped by online interest on many lots. Resulting in averages up across all sections and very high clearance rates.

The senior ewe section saw 100% clearance with the highlight coming from RHS Turner, Honiton selling five 2 year olds for £200/head to D Gow, Lifton.  The same buyer paid £170 for Mr Turner’s 3 years olds and £160 for a pen of 5 year olds. A pen of 3 year olds from JM & GC Adams, Truro sold for £160 to PR & CA Caunter, Totnes

Top Priced Females

Top Priced Females - AW Hughes - £250

In the shearling ewe section it was a pen of five from AW Hughes, Garndolbenmaen which had won 2nd prize in the pen of five class whilst one had also come second in the individual class.  They all sold together for £250/head to M Rowe, Bridgewater.  The same buyer bought pens at £235/head & £220/head from the same home.  Messrs Hughes sold a pen at £220/head to DB & HM Carr, Exeter.  The champion pen from E & D Jones, Machynlleth sold for £225/head to DB & HM Carr.  There were over 16 pens topping the £200 mark with the overall average up £24.50 on the year.  Many sat in the £170-190 bracket with some smaller sheep selling in the £160’s but nothing below. 

The top price in the ewe lambs came from pre-sale judge Mr & Mrs C Price, Brecon, hence they were not put forward for the show.  The pen of seven sold for £190/head to E Radcliffe, Swansea.  The 1st prize pen from WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold for £180/head to Twose Farms, Whitland.  Messrs Price sold pens at £170 & £165 to Messrs Radcliffe.  With a strong prime lamb market there was a good bottom trade and although many lambs were late spring lambed hence maybe not ready for tupping this year, strong breeding was in demand.  Shown in an average up £27 on the year.

Lluest Ram

Lluest Ram - 2700gns

Plenty of buyers around the ring until the end of the rams with only 9 unsold.  The days top price came from the pen of E & D Jones with their Lluest Ram 00599/2012005, sired by a Whitcastle Hot Stuff, he went on to sell for 2700gns to West Country Club Chairman Bill Harper for Harpers Holdings, Holsworthy.  The Champion ram from Manor Farm East Marden, Appledown 02259/2005490 sired by Chichester Hans sold for 1500gns to C Price, Brecon.  Tacho Just the Job 00350/2005914 sired by Macaroni Granade, sold by WJ & DJ Williams sold for 1100gns, purchased by D & SC Searle, Helstone.  Local breeders JM & GC Adams, Truro sold Roseland Joyboy 00847/2000851 for 1000gns, bought over the phone by Linda Barnard, North Yorkshire.  There were plenty of buyers around the ring with 450-700gns for well structured rams with plenty of breed character.

Senior Ewes to £200 av £161 (+44)
Shearling Ewes to £250 (Individual £300) av. £191.50 (+24.50)
Ewe Lambs to £190 av. £135 (+27)
Rams to 2700gns av. £690 (+30)

Top Prices
Senior Ewes
RHS Turner (2YO) £200
RHS Turner (3YO) £170
RHS Turner (5YO) £160
RHS Turner (4YO) £160
JM & GC Adams (3YO) £160
Shearling Ewes
AW Hughes £250
AW Hughes £235
E & D Jones £225
AW Hughes £220(x2)
WJ & DJ Williams £215
S Redwood £210 (x2)
E & D Jones £210(x2)
GG & HE Sevenoaks £205
S Redwood £205
RHS Turner £205
AW Hughes £200
GG & HE Sevenoaks £200
S Redwood £200
Individual Shearling ewes
AW Davies £300
AW Hughes £250
JM & GC Adams £190
Ewe Lambs
C Price £190
WJ & DJ Williams £180
C Price £170
C Price £165
Twose Farms £146
RHS Turner £145
P Martin £138
C & A Crudge £134
Manor Farm East Marden £134
Manor Farm East Marden £132
AW Davies £132
E & D Jones (40) 2700gns
Manor Farm East Marden (21) 1500gns
WJ & DJ Williams (51) 1100gns
JM & GC Adams (15) 1000gns
AW Hughes (12) 900gns
AW Davies (33) 800gns
R Irwin (6) 700gns
AW Davies (34) 700gns
E & D Jones (41) 700gns
Twose Farms (48) 700gns
Twose Farms (50) 700gns

Show Results
Judge: Colin Price (Females), Ifor Jones (Rams)
Aged Ram

  1. Cathy Evans (43)
  2. P & S Eckett (19)
  3. AW Hughes (14)
  4. GG & HE Sevenoaks (36)

West County Club Member Shearling Ram

  1. JM & GC Adams (15)
  2. C & A Crudge (54)
  3. MH Miller (2)

Performance Recorded Lleyn Ram

  1. Manor Farms East Marden (21)
  2. Manor Farms East Marden (22)

Shearling Ram

  1. E & D Jones (40)
  2. AW Davies (33)
  3. AW Hughes (12)

CHAMPION RAM – Manor Farms East Marden (21)
Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. E & D Jones
  2. AW Hughes
  3. Sue Redwood

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. WJ & DJ Williams
  2. C & A Crudge
  3. AW Davies

Individual Shearling Ewe

  1. AW Davies
  2. AW Hughes
  3. JM & GC Adams

CHAMPION PEN OF FEMALES – E & D Jones (shearling ewes)

Lleyn Sheep

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