Importance of Best Management Practices when Commercializing New Agriculture Technology

Over the past few decades, the agriculture industry has changed dramatically. Innovation is transforming the industry to increase yields and meet rising global challenges.

Technologies such as biologicals, precision farming and equipment are developed to optimize crop production systems and farming practices. Agricultural technology that has been proven in field trials must then be adopted by farmers. In order to optimize these new technologies, agriculture experts work with companies and farmers to implement these technologies. Below we will explore how the industry is accelerating farmer adoption of new technology by determining best management practices (BMPs).


Develop Plan

When launching a new product into the market, companies must have a well thought out plan to prove the success of their product in both crop yield and return on investment. Having a team of experts internally as well as outside experts is paramount in proving the success of a new technology. Growers need to know how this product will benefit their farming practice. From field trial data, growers need accurate use recommendations for new products. Seeing the success of on-farm trials across different geographical locations and results from different seasons helps farmers determine if a product with be beneficial to their practices.

Analyze Results

Quantifying how a technology increases yield and return on investment is important for the farmer to see. Through objective analysis of well-planned farm trials, the product results should convince the grower of how this product will look and work on their farm. The more in depth this analysis is, the better growers can see if this data will turn into value within their respective area of expertise. Looking at many different factors while analyzing results such as environment, season, inputs, crops and farming practices is crucial in validating a product.

Define Best Management Practices

Once the results of a product have been thoroughly analyzed and credibility has been proven, best management practices should be developed. These practices include specific recommendations based on environment and location. BMPs help farmers, agronomists and dealers effectively use and sell new technologies. When growers know the practices have been developed based on reliable data and analysis, it is easier to trust the credibility of the products.

Commercializing Technology
The end goal of any new product is for it to reach the market and flourish on farms by increasing agricultural productivity, combating global challenges and increasing the return on investment for farmers. Allowing agriculture experts to aid in objective and thorough evaluation of products positions new technologies for commercialization. Finally, BMPs are essential in delivering a product that is efficient and profitable. More than ever, farmers are open to trying new technologies that increase yield, reduce cost and protect crops. Commercializing products with best management practices is key to gaining momentum in the adoption of new agriculture technologies. 

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