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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 12 cattle, 1,632 prime lambs and 4,055 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 19th July 2018.


Light to 207.0p (206.6p)
Standard to 227.0p (197.4p)
Medium to 220.0p (193.3p)
Heavy to 217.0p (191.0p)
Overweight 198.0p (182.1p)

Light to £72.00 (£36.09)
Heavy to £150.00 (£73.44)

Rams to £128.00 (£70.34)

A smaller show of cattle forward and despite reports of a dip in trade, all classes met a brisk trade with more required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at 138p for a Limousin cow from PJ & L Dixon, Upperburnmouth, Newcastleton which was also achieved the top price per head of £972.



Limousin 138p Upperburnmouth, 110p Edges Green.

Saler135p Girnwood.

British Blue 124p Wickerthwaite, 112p Nether Albie.

Angus 124p Tanlawhill.



Limousin £972 Upperburnmouth.

Saler£951 Girnwood.

British Blue £923 Wickerthwaite.

Angus £911 Tanlawhill.

Longtown cattle ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith

A larger entry of 1,632 prime lambs found all buyers keener for supplies, as a result the overall average was up 10p per kilo at 193.6p (SQQ 194.1p). All weight ranges met a very strong demand.

Top price per kilo was 227p for Texel lambs from TR & EA Milburn, Wallend, Greenhead, with many other pens closely behind. Heavy lambs sold to £111 for Texels from G Wilkinson, Arkleby House, Aspatria. Suffolk lambs to 213p from The Land and £105 from Guardsmill and Hill lambs sold to 195p from Whiteside and to £82.50 from Brownleazes.

Lightweight lambs sold to £62 for 30kg for Suffolks from JM Retson & Co., Maidencots, Biggar.


Texel 227p Wallend, 222p Pasture House, 220p Hermitage, 219p Wallend, 218p Dykehead, 217p Guardsmill, 215p Westend, 214p Dykehead & Waterside, 213p Dykehead, 211p Newbiggin & Langdyke Cottage, 210p Sowerby Wood, Newbiggin & Keppel Vale, 209p Langdyke Cottage, 207p Bridge End, Kilnford Croft, Braehead & High Greenhill, 206p Auchengool & Pasture House, 205p Wallend & Newbiggin.

Suffolk 213p The Land, 207p Maidencots, 205p Barnglies, 202p Sowerby Wood, 199p Brownleazes, 198p Strawfrank, Guardsmill & Ormiston, 197p Tone Hall, Fenton & Chapel, 196p Sceugh Dyke, Low House & The Land, 195p Spoutbank.

Beltex 210p Fenton.

Mule 195p Whiteside, 192p Brownleazes.

Oxford 193p Barnglies.

Berrichon 192p Sceugh Dyke.

Blackface 183p Allensgreen.


Texel £111 Arkleby House, £105 Dykehead, £103 Brisco Meadows, £100 Lochwoodmains & Guardsmill, £99 Westend & Newbiggin, £98 Dykehead & Hermitage, £96 Dykehead, £95 Cowens & Lochwoodmains, £94 Lanehead, Braehead & Newtown, £93 Kilnford Croft, Braehead & High Greenhill, £92.50 Hermitage, £92 Langdyke Cottage & Hermitage, £91 High Greenhill, £90 Yatesfield, Kilnford Croft, Mill View, Tone Hall, Waterside & Wallend.

Suffolk £105 Guardsmill, £104.50 Barnglies, £92 Guardsmill, £91 Sowerby Wood, £90 The Chestnuts & Tone Hall, £89 Strawfrank, £88 The Land & Sceugh Dyke, £87 Kilnford Croft & Guardsmill, £86.50 Tone Hall, £86 Batey Shield, £85.50 Hullerbank, £85 Hallburn, Whins & Batey Shield.

Cheviot £90 Greengate House.

Charollais £88 Kilnford Croft.

Oxford £85 Barnglies.

Berrichon £84.50 Sceugh Dyke.

Mule £82.50 Brownleazes, £80 Braehead & Shawhill, £79 Townfoot.

Beltex £82 Fenton.


A similar show of 4,055 ewes and rams attracted the usual large company of buyers. All classes easily maintained last week’s high rates, with the exception of lean hill ewes which were cheaper. Top price was £150 for heavy Texel ewes from WS Robson & Co., Yatesfield, Otterburn. Hill ewes to £72 for Blackface ewes from R English & Son, Brownleazes, Hexham and rams to £128 for Texels from JE Brockbank & Son, Westward Park, Wigton.

Longtown sheep ring

photo courtesy Robert Smith


Texel £150 Yatesfield, £149 Beckfoot, £147 Wanton Walls, £143 Hermitage, £140 Wellington, £138 Middle, £137 Falla, £135 Beckfoot & Kilnford Croft, £130 Middle & Yatesfield, £129 Chaseside, £126 Waltonwoodhead, £123 Cubbyhill & Wellington, £122 Millrigg.

Millennium Blue £148 Westward Park.

Beltex£132, £124 Maulscastle.

Suffolk £117 Chaseside, £111 Millrigg & Cowens, £109 Porteath, £108 Dykehead, £107 Wellington, Cowens, Strawfrank & Lustruther, £105 Cowens & Beckfoot, £103 Sceugh Dyke, £101 Hallburn, £99 Grange & Howbalk, £98 Falla, £97 Chaseside, £96 Sceugh Dyke & Brisco Meadows, £95 The Farm, Sowerby Wood & Marygate.

Zwartble£110 Keppel Vale.

Blue Faced Leicester £107 Shitlington Hall, £106 Brownleazes.

Charollais £103 Beckfoot.

North Country Cheviot £95 Marchbank, £87 Earlside.

Mule £90 Craigsford Mains, £86 Newbiggin & Flathill, £85 Marygate, Saughland, Brownleazes & Wydon Eals, £83 Marchbank & Maulscastle, £82 Fagra & Aikengall, £80 New Farm, Trebursye, High Greenhill, Fagra & Trecorner.

Cheviot Mule £85 Northfield, £83 Strawfrank.


Blackface £72 Brownleazes, £64 Shitlington Hall & Aikengall, £63 Eastside, & Allensgreen, £61 Ingleston, £59 Eastside.

Swaledale £56 Stonehall, £53 Sourhope.

Cheviot £52 Bloch, £47 Lhaid Croft, £45 Bloch, £44 Hayclose.


Texel £128 Westward Park, £123 Millrigg.

Suffolk £119 Tinnishall.

Cheviot £93 Third.

Blue Faced Leicester £86 Aikengall.

Blackface £85 Aikengall.

longtown mart

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