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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,090 prime lambs and 3,335 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 27th December 2018.


Light to 226.0p (210.0p)
Standard to 262.0p (214.7p)
Medium to 285.0p (208.8p)
Heavy to 239.0p (195.8p)
Overweight 207.0p (180.3p)

Light to £70.00 (£41.68)
Heavy to £169.00 (£71.92)

Rams to £105.00 (£63.44)

Another large entry of 6,090 prime lambs attracted all the regular buyers who were all very keen for supplies. Trade was very strong from the start and continued all day to average 204.4p (SQQ 210.4p).

Many thanks to all vendors, both old and new, who took the time to sort lambs on Boxing Day and especially to the many customers returning after many years

Top price per kilo of 285p for Beltex lambs shown by Gelston Castle Farms, Castle Douglas, with many pens selling between 230p-250p per kilo. Heavy lambs again were a top quality entry and met a very strong demand, again with many pens easily selling over £100. Top price per head of £120 again for Beltex lambs from Gelston Castle.

Mule lambs to £100 from Messrs Walker, Beech Croft, Cockermouth.

Blackfaces to 214p from Arnicle, Campbeltown and Chapel, Moffat and to £88 from D&D Aitken, Uppercleuch, Lockerbie.

Light lambs also sold at 226p per kilo plus and to a top of £68 for 30kg Greyface lambs from WC Anderson & Son, Parkhill, Hawick.

Longtown sheep ring


Beltex 285p Gelston Castle & Easter Ochtermuthill, 268p Waterside & Cuiltburn, 266p Easter Ochtermuthill, 262p Gelston Castle, 261p Easter Ochtermuthill, 258p Station Yard, 256p Killocraw, 252p Waterside & Gate Ghyll.

Texel 266p Killocraw, 264p Copperthorns, 252p Aspatria Hall, 250p High Mossthorn, 245p Hillside, Wigton, 236p Crumhaughhill, Hill House, Gelston Castle & Hillside, 232p Lochwoodmains & Miller Hill, 231p Aspatria Hall, Hill House, Broadlea Cottage & Lanehead, 230p Langdyke Cottage.

Mule 226p Parkhill, 217p Braehead, 206p Cowden Burn, 202p Low Dunashery.

Cheviot 225p, 220p Parkhill, 220p Catslackburn, 216p Chapel House, 215p, 211p Catslackburn, 210p Barend, 208p Catslackburn, 207p Glendearg, 206p Glendiven Cottage, 202p Carruthers & Glendearg, 200p Catslackburn, Copperthorns, Glendiven Cottage & Philiphaugh Estate.

Suffolk 225p Greenburn, 221p Kirkhouse, 218p Station Yard, 214p Archerbeck, 213p Achamore, 212p Archerbeck, 209p Rottington Hall, 208p Dalbhraddan, 207p Greenburn, 205p Longburgh Fauld, 204p Shield Green & Dalbhraddan, 203p Millriggs, 202p Foxglove, 201p Brisco Meadows, 200p Foxglove.

North Country Cheviot 225p Roughet Hill, 220p High Ladore.

Charollais 220p East House, 212p Braehead, 211p Lyonpark.

Blackface 214p Arnicle & Chapel, 213p, 212p Glenmanna, 212p West Scales & Arnicle, 210p Dalbhraddan, 209p Arnicle & Knockreoch, 205p West Scales, 204p Uppercleuch, 203p Knockreoch, 202p West Scales, 201p Knockreoch, 200p Roughet Hill, Merkland & Cowden Burn.

Cheviot Mule 207p Balgray Hill, 206p Carruthers, 200p Achamore.

Dorset 205p, 197p Pennygowan.

Easycare 200p Barend.

Berrichon 189p Sceugh Dyke.

Swaledale 173p Gate Ghyll, 171p Newbiggin.


Beltex £120 Gelston Castle, £118 Cuiltburn, £116, £114, £113, £112 Easter Ochtermuthill, £111 Cuiltburn, Newtown & High Stenries, £110 Waterside, Hillside & Easter Ochtermuthill.

Texel £115 Aton, £111 Copperthorns & Aspatria Hall, £110 Kirkhouse, High Stenries, Heathery Knowe & High Mossthorn, £109 Lochwoodmains, Langdyke Cottage, Hillside & Killocraw, £108 Lochwoodmains & Bombie, £107 Aspatria Hall, £106 Nether Locharwoods, Lochwoodmains, Craigdhu, Hillside & Bombie, £105 Leoana Villa, Ashley Park, High Stenries, Oaklands, Tinnishall, Hermitage, Oakshawhill, Unity, Merkland, Aton & Lochwoodmains.

Suffolk £103 Foxglove, £100 Park Nook & Rottington Hall, £100, £99 Hyde Park, £98.50 Shield Green, £98 Jacksonrigg, £97.50 Tinnishall, £96 Achamore, £95.50 Jacksonrigg, £95 Hallburn & Sceugh Dyke.

Mule £100, £95 Beech Croft, Mockerkin, £91 West Wharmley, £90 Beech Croft, £88 Hill House, £85 Jacksonrigg.

North Country Cheviot £98 Philiphaugh Estate, £90 Hyde Park.

Cheviot £94 Catslackburn, £87 Glendearg, £86.50 Chapel House & Catslackburn, £86 Gass, £84 Hyde Park, £82 Longburgh Fauld & Balgray Hill, £81 Catslackburn, £80 Chapel.

Charollais £92 Eastside, £90 East House Farm, Ponteland & High Floweryhirst, £88.50 Lyonpark, £87 Braehead, £85 Newtown.

Berrichon £91 Sceugh Dyke.

Cheviot Mule £90 Achamore, £86.50 Carruthers, £85 Balgray Hill.

Dorset £90 Braehead.

Blackface £88, £86 Uppercleuch, £85 West Scales, £84.50 Glendearg, £84 Albierigg, £83.50 Chapel, £83, £82.50, £82 West Scales, £81 Glenmanna & Glendearg.


The 3,330 cast ewes and rams were another excellent show with the usual buyers to the fore. Trade was no different as prices remain similar to last week’s high rates again. Quality Beltex and Texel ewes sold at a premium to a top of £169 and £168 for Texel ewes shown by AR Bell & Son, Kirkton, Hawick, who’s consignment of 24 averaged a fantastic £159.83. Hill ewes to £70 for Blackface from L Forster & Son, West Nubbock, Hexham. Texel rams to £105 from G & CE Edminson, Middle Farm, Carlisle.


Texel £169, £168, £167, £164 Kirkton, £164 Aton, £158 West Wharmley & Easter Ochtermuthill, £145 Kilncroft & Bassenthwaite Hall, £140 Kirkton, £138 Glencartholm & Quarry House, £132 Catslackburn, Eastside, Mossburnford, Easter Ochtermuthill & West Wharmley, £130 Kirkhouse, Buckabank.

Beltex £154 Bassenthwaite Hall, £130 Easter Ochtermuthill, £120 Midtown, £116 Aspatria Hall, £114 The Wreay.

Suffolk £118 Nether Stenries, £103 Middle Ord, £102 Birkenside, £100 Easter Ochtermuthill, £95 Mossburnford, £94 Linkshead & Cockburn, £91 Eastside.

North Country Cheviot £96, £89 Nether Stenries, £82 Aton.

Bluefaced Leicester £96 West Nubbock.

Charollais £81 Lyonpark.

Mule £79 Buckabank, £76 West Nubbock, £74 Linkshead, £73 Middle Ord, £72 Cockburn & Hallburn, £71 Stooprigg & Quixwood, £70 Aspatria Hall & Stonehouse.

Romney £65 Camelford.


Blackface £70 West Nubbock, £63 Quarry House, £62 West Nubbock, £59 Quarry House.

Cheviot £62 Cloggers Cottage & Eastside, £60 Aspatria Hall, £59 Glenmanna, £58 Kirkhouse, £56, £55 Glenmanna.

Swaledale £61 Brewery House Barn.

Easycare £49 Bidlake.


Texel £105 Middle Farm, £104 Nether Locharwoods, £101 Newbigging.

Beltex £98 Aspatria Hall.

Bluefaced Leicester £80 Tone Hall.

longtown mart

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