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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 9,089 sheep comprising of 3,507 prime lambs and 5,582 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 24th October 2019.



Light to  239.1p (154.4p) 
Standard to  235.0p (162.1p) 
Medium to 223.0p (164.8p) 
Heavy to  189.6p (156.0p)
Overweight to 160.4p (145.4p)

Light to    £66.00 (£37.82) 
Heavy to  £176.00 (£71.63)

Rams £118.00 (£66.54)

A similar show of 3,507 prime lambs attracted more buyers and competition keener all day, resulting in an overall average of 161.0p (SQQ 163.2p), 3p up on the week. Numbers short of requirements. Best meated lambs of all weights proved the best to sell.

Export weights all sold over 200p and to a top of 239p for Beltex lambs from Ridsdale Farms.

Commercial lambs making 155-170p and a good show of light lambs sold very well on the week.

Heavy lambs a much better trade and would be £4 up on the week, selling to a top of £100 for Texel lambs shown by I & L Galloway, Glenart, Newton Stewart.

Longtown sheep ring


Belt 239p Ridsdale, 223p Thornthwaite Close, 221p Gelston Castle.  

Tex 235p, 214p 195p Balachallan.

Dutch Tex 183p Raggetsyke.

BF 175p Chapelhope, 167p Riskenhope.

Chev 174p Skelfhill, 163p Branxholm Braes, 160p Ballywilline.     

Suff 167p Tarrasfoot, 164p Whins & Gelston Castle, 162p Outertown.

Mule 165p Townfoot, 155p Gartvaigh, 153p Cowden Burn.

Char 163p Gelston Castle, 160p Archerbeck.     

Herd 163p Stone Barn, 159p Longrow Cottage, 157p Pokeskine.

Chev Mule 161p Solwaybank, 158p Lawesknowe & Kirkbride.     


Tex £100, £95 Glenart, £94 Cubbyhill.   

Belt £94, £91 Gelston Castle, £90 High Stenries.   

Suff £89.50, £85.50, £85 Guardsmill.      

Dutch Tex £86, £81 Raggetsyke.

Berr £82 Sceugh Dyke.  

Chev Mule £77.50 Lawesknowe, £72.50 Kirk House, £70 Solwaybank & Lawesknowe.       

Char £77.50 The Chestnuts, £77 Gelston Castle, £76 Hallburn.   

Mule £72 The Nook, £70 Greenburn, Hole Farm & Kirkton of Crawford.

Chev £71.50 Branxholm Braes, £70 Millantae.

NCC £70.50 Mount Benger.

Herd £67.50 Pokeskine, £67 Longrow Cottage, £61.50 Pokeskine.  

BF £65.50 Lanehead, £61.50 Cowden Burn, £60.50 Chapelhope.

The 5,582 cast ewes and rams were another large entry with all the usual buyers present, trade was very similar to last week’s high rates. Pure Beltex and Texels again selling at a premium.  247 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £129.55.

Sale topped at £176 for Texel ewes from Heatherglen. Hill ewes to £66 for Cheviots from J & M Walker, Raeburnfoot, Eskdalemuir with rams selling to £135 for Texels from RH Bell & Co., Roxburghmill, Kelso.


Tex £176 Heatherglen, £174, £173 Bascodyke Foot, £172 Newbigging & Kirk House.

Belt £168 Low Garth, £153 Heatherglen.

Suff £119 Roxburghmill, £112 Knock, £96 Knowe.

NCC £90 Myrelandhorn, £87 Gospel Hall, £84 Brockhouse.

Mill Bleu £90 Uppercleuch.

HB £81 Gelston Castle.

BFL £76 Fernoch.

Mule £75 Brownrigg & Buteland, £74 High Glen Triplock, £72 Marygate.

Chev Mule £73 Parkhill, £72 Gelston Castle.

Lleyn £67 Newbigging, £64 Sharplaw.


Chev £66 Raeburnfoot, £62 Littlegill, £61 Carterton & Wardlaw.      

BF £65 Plenderleith, £64 Buteland, £63 Albierigg.

EC £57 Barnside, £55, £54, £53 Blackhaugh.

Swale £52 Burn House, £50 Brisco Meadows, £49 Spoutbank.


Tex £135 Roxburghmill, £118 Beckfoot, £116 Sunnycroft.   

Suff £116 Marygate, £107 Newbigging.

Belt £104 Yatesfield, £92 Bridgestone.

NCC £92 Sinclair Square, £86 Niscbet Mill, £84 Brockhouse.  

Chev £72 Binks.

longtown mart

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