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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,486 sheep comprising of 4,528 prime lambs and 2,958 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th November 2019.



Light to           206.5p (178.9p) 
Standard to      272.0p (192.4p) 
Medium to      270.0p (192.8p) 
Heavy to         254.3p (181.6p)
Overweight to 210.7p (163.2p)

Light to           £75.00 (£51.93) 
Heavy to         £173.00 (£85.12)

Rams £126.00 (£84.40)

Another good entry of cast cows which again met a brisk trade, and more being required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at £1,147 for a five-year-old Limousin heifer from Messrs Pollock, Bascodyke Head, Armathwaite, which also achieved top price per kilo of 124p. Limousin steers from the same home sold to 123p (£1,063). Limousin cows sold to 120p from Messrs Reed, Knarr, Brampton and Blue Greys to 112p from WN Douglas, Catslackburn, Selkirk.

Longtown sheep ring

Prime lambs (4,528) were a larger quality entry which saw all classes sharper on the week. Heavy lambs were 30% of the entry and were again easy to sell. Overall average 187.6p (SQQ 192.0p).

Export weights again at extreme rates with a top price per kilo of 272p for Beltex lambs from JR & CJ Ward, Whitstonehill, Lockerbie.

Commercial lambs sold between 185-205p per kilo, with lightweight lambs very much in demand.

Top price per head of £118 for Beltex lambs shown by Messrs Hewson, Burgh Head, Carlisle.


Belt 272p, 267p Whitstonehill, 270p, 263p, 262p Easter Ochtermuthill.

Tex 227p, 225p Boreland of Kelton, 223p Riggshield & Waltonwoodhead.

Char 207p Pilmuir, 185p Fenton, 183p Hallburn.

Suff 206p, 199p Somerton House, 196p Snab.      

BF 197p Chapelhope, 196p Riskenhope, 195p Chapelhope.   

Chev 193p, 192p Catslackburn, 191p North House & Glendearg.

NCC 193p West Millhills.     

Mule 188p Burn House, 186p Low Dunashery, 184p Rhoin.  

Chev Mule 185p Lingey Field, 179p, 175p Marwhirn.         


Belt £118 Burgh Head, £117 Easter Ochtermuthill, £116.50, £115 Hillside, £115 Easter Ochtermuthill.      

Tex £111 Hayfield, £107 Woodhead, £105 Bombie.   

Chev £103 Sorbie, £96 Glendearg, £94.50 Tarrasfoot.

Suff £100 Cloggers Cottage, £98, £95 Guardsmill, £94.50 Tarrasfoot.   

Bord Leic £100 Nunscleugh.    

Char £93 Pilmuir, £89 Fenton, £88 Hallburn.  

Hamp £92 Bombie.  

Chev Mule £87 Dodgsonstown, £85.50 Lingey Field, £85 Dodgsonstown.  

NCC £86 West Millhills.

Mule £86 Homilton, £85 Cowburnrigg, £83.50 Lawston.  

BF £83 Edges Green, £80 Hole Farm.  

Berr £83 Sceugh Dyke.  

Oxf £82 Barnglies.

A similar show of 2,958 cast ewes and rams met a flying trade with hill ewes up £10 on the week. 315 ewes sold at £100 and over to average £130.11 and sold to a top of £173 Texels from AM & L Sutherland, Carran, Thurso and from E Blaylock, Hallburn, Longtown.

Hill ewes to £75 for Cheviots from A & A Hogg, Milnholm, Langholm with rams to £126 for Suffolks from J Watson & Co., Bowsden Moor, Berwick and for Beltex rams from S Stoddart, Hillside, Wigton.


Tex £173 Carran & Hallburn, £169 Lower Reiss, £168 Woodhead.    

Belt £162 Hillhouse, £125 Thirstane Cottage, £121 Viewley.

Suff £107 Quarryside, £103 Chaseside, £102 Aspatria Hall.

Char £103 Chaseside, £100 Beck, £98 Hillside.     

BFL £99 Kilkeddan.    

NCC £93 Beck, £91 Chaseside, £90 Whiteknowe.  

Mule £86 Greenburn, £85 Lightbirks, £83 Crawleas & Westend.

Chev Mule £83 Nilston Rigg, £80 Tushielaw.


Chev £75 Milnholm, £74 Greenburn, £70 Potholm.

BF £71 Pitland Hills & Durran Mains, £69 Rhoin, £65 Greenburn.

EC £61, £60 Kersheugh.   

Swale £57 Greenburn, £56 Peasemyres, £54 The Brigg.   


Suff £126 Bowsden Moor, £116 Hassendeanburn & Catslackburn.   

Belt £126 Hillside, £119 Heatherglen, £107 Viewley.

Tex £119 Fairview Bungalow, £114 The Ash, £113 Carran.    

Char £114 Moorhills.   

BFL £99 Chirdon, £96 Thirstane Cottage.  

Chev £87 Brackside, £85 Fairview Bungalow, £80 Ballachrick.

longtown mart

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