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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 9,230 sheep comprising of 6,189 prime hoggs and 3,041 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 19th March 2020.



Light to           267.0p (230.0p)
Standard to      379.0p (242.4p)
Medium to      365.0p (248.9p)
Heavy to         317.4p (237.6p)

Light to           £132.00 (£86.76)
Heavy to         £255.00 (£143.03)

Rams £214.00 (£133.34)

A good entry of cast cows with the majority being native bred, yet trade was sharp throughout for all classes and more required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at 129p for a Beef Shorthorn cow from JDM Thomson, Pilmuir, Hawick, who sold others at 127p and 124p. Whitebred Shorthorns to 123p from E Gray, Fallowlees, Morpeth. Luings from JW Davidson & Co., Crosslee, Selkirk sold at 121p and 118p with Galloways to 112p from WD & R Elliot, Burnfoot of Ewes, Langholm. Top price per head of £861 from Fallowlees.

Longtown sheep ring

The increased entry of 6,189 prime hoggs matched last weeks extreme rates with an overall average of 242.5p (SQQ 245.0p), considering there was a much poorer quality show forward, buyers again very keen to purchase large numbers of stock.

Best export hoggs were a real price with many pens selling between 330-350p per kilo. Top price per kilo of 379p for Beltex hoggs shown by T Holmes, Nutholm, Lockerbie.  

Commercial hoggs made from 250-270p per kilo.

Another large entry of quality heavy hoggs were selling mostly between £140-£160 per head and comprised of 33.3% of the day’s entry.

Top price per head of £180 for Texel hoggs from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries and CD Scott, Falla, Jedburgh.

Many quality hill hoggs forward and sold to £133 for Cheviots from AR Bell & Son, Kikrton, Hawick with Blackfaces to £125.50 from J Jardine, Yett, Lockerbie.

Light hoggs were short of requirements and 11p per kilo dearer on the week. Top of 267p for 30kg Blackface hoggs from JE Carruthers, Silloans, Rochester, with the majority making in excess of 250p per kilo.


Beltex 379p Nutholm, 368p Bowsden Moor, 365p Easter Ochtermuthill, 363p The Green, 361p Nutholm & Easter Ochtermuthill.

Texel 359p Brisco Meadows, 317p Dormansteads, 304p Byreburnside, 300p East Raffles.

Herdwick 285p Powheads, 245p Rowanburnfoot, 242p Allfornaught.   

Cheviot 275p Glendearg, 267p Potholm, 263p Allfornaught, 261p Brookside, 260p Jerriestown & Sandbed.  

Blackface 274p, 267p Silloans, 262p Balliemeanoch, 257p Allfornaught & Arnicle, 255p Upper Kidston.   

Cheviot Mule 257p Upper Kidston, 246p Oswie, 237p Kirkbride.  

Shetland 255p Rowanburnfoot.

Charollais 253p Barend, 249p Jerriestown, 248p Westernhopeburn, 242p Bolton Wood Lane & Barend.       

North Country Cheviot 253p Glendearg, 253p, 252p, 250p Unthank.

Suffolk 252p Allfornaught, 251p Howtel & Falla, 250p Bromfield Hall, 249p Prestrie.   

Mule 252p Falla, 244p Gartvaigh, 243p Mid Harrietsfield, 242p Prestrie, 240p Nunscleugh & Snab.   

Dorset 250p Frankstown, 242p Mid Harrietsfield.

Easycare 249p Easter Denhead, 244p Dryfeholm, 242p Prestrie.

Swaledale 228p, 225p High Dunashery, 221p Maidencots, 220p High Dunashery. 


Texel £180 Kilnford Croft, £180, £164 Falla, £159 Kilnford Croft, £155 Lower Reiss.

Suffolk £157 Kilnford Croft, £144 The Land, £136 Culquhasen, £130 Great Hackworthy & Easter Denhead.

Beltex £155 Nutholm, £154 Wood Farm, £153 Nutholm & Upper Auchenlay, £151, £150 Easter Ochtermuthill, £150 Wood Farm.

Cheviot £133, £128 Kirkton, £127 Catslackburn, £123 The Land & Kirkton, £122 Sandbed.  

Charollais £132 Oswie, £130 Thackwood.   

Blackface £125.50 Yett, £120 Prestrie, £116 Whiteside, £114 Balliemeanoch.   

Mule £124 East Farm, £123 The Nook, £117.50 High Priorscales, £116 Falla, £115 Glenshesk.

North Country Cheviot £123 Glendearg, £120 Cronklea, £119 Macharioch, £116.50 Unthank.  

Easycare £120, £110 Easter Denhead.

Dorset £120 Frankstown, £119 Barend.

Cheviot Mule £118 Oswie, £116.50 Upper Kidston, £116, £115 Wynholm.

Herdwick £104 Allfornaught.  

Swaledale £94.50 High Dunashery.

The 3,041 cast ewes and rams met the highest rates ever recorded at Longtown, and sold to average £128.17 overall, with all buyers desperate for supplies with scarcity looming. Many more could easily be sold to vendors advantage. 158 ewes sold at £200 and above, with 1042 ewes selling at £150 and over to average £182.24. Texel ewes sold to £255 from G & CE Edminson, Middle Farm, Carlisle.

Hill ewes sold at extreme rates and to £132 for Blackface ewes from both R & WD & SR Charlton, Whiteside, Haltwhistle and J McMiken & Co., Prestrie, Isle of Whithorn.

The 194 rams averaged £133.34 and sold to £214 for Texels from J Lamb, Ingleston, Ayr.   


Texel £255 Middle Farm, £250 Roxburgh Mains, £242 Middle Farm, £232 Greenwood, £230 Dormansteads, £228 Middle Farm & Corriehills.

Suffolk £240, £227, £220 The Land, £220 Low Hallburn, £215 The Land, £214 Kilnford Croft.   

Charollais £226 Beckfoot, £208 Chaseside, £198 Loaningfoot, £193 Chaseside, £192 Viewley.  

Beltex £218 Kilnford Croft, £180 Wood Farm, £176 Hobbiesburn, £174 Inamay.

Bluefaced Leicester £200 Gapshields, £190 Whiteside, £184 Nunscleugh.    

Border Leicester £192 Ingleston.

North Country Cheviot £188 Kimmeter Green, £172 Kilnford Croft, £170 Dormansteads, £166 Murrayfield.

Mule £188 Broomlands, £182 Howtel, £177 Glenshesk, £174 Wellington Farm & Clynemilton, £173 East Farm.   

Zwartble £178 Clynemilton.    

Cheviot Mule £148 Broomlands, £144 Byres, £138 Whitton.


Blackface £132 Whiteside & Prestrie, £128 Beck, £124 Little Tongue, £122 Gartvaigh.

Cheviot £129 Hindhope, £122 Byergill, £120 Corriehills, £118 Milnholm.

Easycare £125 Easter Denhead.

Swaledale £122 Dykeside, £118 Whitton, £110 High Parkfoot, £109 Rowanburnfoot.   

Herdwick £105 Rowhead.

Dartmoor £102 Lowfield House.

Lleyn £102 High Acres.

Lonk £98 Corrielea.


Texel £214 Ingleston, £210 Kilnford Croft, £200 Kirkton, £197 Broadlea Cottage, £192 The Hagg.

Charollais £186 Viewley.      

Bluefaced Leicester £172 Barsalloch, £164 High Parkfoot, £162 Upper Kidston, £160 Whitton.  

Beltex £168 Hillside, £168, £148 Easter Ochtermuthill.

Suffolk £162 Chaseside, £158 Beck, £154 Mossband.        

North Country Cheviot £134 Raeburnfoot, £132 Byers, £130, £124 Enzieholm.  

Cheviot £134 Upper Kidston, £130 Catslackburn.  

Dorset £132 Great House.    

Blackface £130 The Yett, £128 Greensburn, £124 Little Tongue.

Easycare £128 Easter Denhead.

Swaledale £108 Whitton.

longtown mart

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