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Jennifer Mackenzie

Stackyard News

edited by Jennifer MacKenzie

Agricultural, Environmental, Countryside and Farming News from the UK and beyond.

Future-Proofing Rural Businesses
In addition to the pressures created by Covid-19, farmers and rural businesses will have to plan more strategically to adapt to changing markets, subsidy payments and environmental targets.
Private Land Managers Drive Lapwing Recovery in Key Breeding Ground
A remarkable project to restore lapwing to an English valley has shown that, given the right funding, advice and encouragement, and by working together, farmers can boost biodiversity in the UK’s countryside.
Mycoplasma Bovis Vaccine Proves Successful
Vaccinating calves against Mycoplasma bovis significantly reduces post-weaning mortality and antibiotic use, according to results from an independent farm-based trial.
North of England Mule - the Rolls Royce of Sheep
Wayne Hutchinson visits the Tweedie family in Biggar on the northern edge of the Southern Uplands in South Lanarkshire and learns why they think the North of England Mule is the Rolls Royce of the sheep industry
Strong Support for Skipton’s Native & Rare Breeds Sale
The annual highlight was again well supported by enthusiastic breeders from both near and far, many familiar faces among them.
Improved Trade for Skipton NEMSA Ewe Lambs
The keynote opening North of England Mule gimmer lamb sale at Skipton Auction Mart produced better than anticipated prices.
Robert Price Claims Top Call at Skipton Jacob Sheep Sale
A top bid of 1,500gns was seen at the Jacob Sheep Society’s 45th annual Northern Area sale at Skipton Auction Mart.
Lleyn Sheep Sell Well at Ruthin
A strong day for the females with 100% clearance in the senior ewes and shearling ewes with only one pen of five ewe lambs not finding a home
First Ever Irish Moiled Cattle Virtual Sale
An exciting online event will see the first ever open-auction sale of elite Irish Moiled cattle, to be held online in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 guidelines.
Stage Set for CCM Skipton 2020 Pedigree Sheep Season
Skipton Auction Mart says it is looking forward to a successful 2020 pedigree sheep sales season and while shows will not take place in their recognised format some will be allowed with safe distancing judging in place.

Aug 2020