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No-Till Farming: Does it Affect Climate Change?

Imagine preparing your field for planting without bothering the soil. That is exactly what no-till agriculture implies.
Quality and Breeding Key at CCM Working Sheep Dog Sale
Quality well-bred fully broken dogs, notably those with impeccable Welsh bloodlines, were again keenly sought at CCM Skipton Auction Mart’s latest sale of working sheep dogs.
Poultry Sales to Resume at CCM Skipton
CCM Skipton Auction Mart has welcomed the news that its popular Craven Feather Auction shows and sales of poultry and waterfowl can now resume following the removal of restrictions by Defra.
The Yeoman’s Farm in Monmouthshire
Both Jerseys and black and whites were out in force at Monday’s annual Spring Coloured Breeds show and sale at CCM Skipton Auction Mart, which supplemented the fortnightly Craven Dairy Auction.
Jerseys Top at £2,310 at CCM Spring Coloured Breeds Highlight
Both Jerseys and black and whites were out in force at Monday’s annual Spring Coloured Breeds show and sale at CCM Skipton Auction Mart, which supplemented the fortnightly Craven Dairy Auction.
The Agricultural Trends to be Aware of in 2024
The agriculture industry is always changing and evolving, but it seems to be going through a seismic change right now.
Haylage Better Value, Higher Quality & Safer than Hay for Animals & Humans
When the weather is good in the UK or Ireland, many farmers are tempted to make some hay, even though hay will have a much lower nutritional value than haylage or silage and there can also be problems with dust.
First Female Chairman Elected Ahead of 128th Skelton Show
Nina Oxley was elected as the new Chairperson, marking the first time in the show's history that a woman has undertaken this role.
5 Unexpected Ways SEO Can Give Your Agricultural Business A Boost
As an agricultural business, you should not fall into the trap of thinking that you do not need a strong presence online to find success. Even in traditional industries like this, you must be highly visible online in order to find success.
Celebrating 75 years of the Land Rover Series 1
This year sees 75 years of the Land Rover Series 1, so a fitting celebration will take place at the Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show on 4 and 5 November.
Erosion Of Soil: What Is This And How Can It Be Prevented?
Soil supports the vegetation on our planet that makes it irreplaceable. Wind, water and various extreme weather conditions cause soil erosion. This process is the loss of the top fertile layer.
Gold Cup Open Day Heads to Ayrshire to Celebrate the Logan Family
The Logan Family will open their gates to the public to celebrate their RABDF NMR Gold Cup win on Thursday 10 August.
Importance of Best Management Practices when Commercializing New Agriculture Technology
Over the past few decades, the agriculture industry has changed dramatically. Innovation is transforming the industry to increase yields and meet rising global challenges.
Pioneering Three-Way Agricultural Apprentice Partnership Set to Up-Skill Britain’s Future Farmers
Skipton-based Craven Cattle Marts and Craven College have joined forces to initiate a pioneering business-education partnership offering valuable apprenticeship opportunities in a unique link-up with three local farms.
Mysterious Places To Visit Around The World
Traveling is a magnificent hobby. You can visit many amazing places and meet new people. Moreover, it is the only hobby that gives you an opportunity to feel freedom.
Re-Wiggling at RSPB Geltsdale Creates Re-Naturalisation
The RSPB and the North Pennines AONB Partnership have collaborated on an innovative project at RSPB Geltsdale to allow the Howgill Beck to work in its natural environment and create a flowing wetland system.
Food Security in a Changing World
The war in Ukraine is causing problems for many, but climate change-driven drought and floods around the globe have put food security in the spotlight as the world's population hits 8 billion.
Upcoming Winter Predicted to Bring Plunging Temperatures — Here’s How to Prepare Your Farm
With forecasters predicting plunging temperatures between October and January, Nick Finnis, a senior forecaster for NetWeather, notes that a jet stream and storm track diverted further south than average is leading to a greater chance than normal of colder spells for northern Europe.
Solid demand for North of England Mules maintained in difficult year
Generally positive and respectable trade in what proved a difficult year early on was seen at the keynote 2022 North of England Mule Sheep Association (NEMSA) Mule gimmer lamb, ewe and shearling sales this autumn
Get Set for the Midlands Machinery Show It’s a week to go until the Midlands Machinery Show, which provides visitors with a chance to see the latest machinery. From new tractors to robots and precision sprayers to low disturbance cultivators and new technology, it’s all there.
Lambs Go Under the Hammer for My Name’5 Doddie
A pair of lambs will be auctioned off to raise funds for the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation at this year’s Borderway Agri Expo.
Massey Ferguson milestone at Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show
It's shaping up to be one of the largest gatherings vintage tractors, engines, machinery, commercial and military vehicles in the country.
Highlights at the Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show
It’s less than a month until entries close for the Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show, with several anniversary celebrations taking place and rare machinery to be seen.
Power Generation Targets to Swallow Thousands of Acres
Projected growth of the two most significant onshore renewable energy technologies - wind and solar - to meet government targets will have land use requirements amounting to hundreds of thousands of acres.
Fliegl SteerX – A New Dimension of Manoeuvrability
The new electronic forced steering SteerX broadens the horizon of axle steering because the system no longer requires a mechanical connection.
Early Bird Tickets on Sale for Women in Dairy ‘Motivation for Change’ Conference
Discounted early bird tickets are now on sale for this year’s Women in Dairy (WID) ‘Motivation for Change’ Conference on 28 September, Sixways Stadium, Worcester.
NBA Beef Expo Triumphs for British Beef Industry
After a three year wait, the UK’s largest technical beef event, NBA Beef Expo, returned this year with a record turnout of spectators.
Solar-Powered Seed-n-Weed Robot with Simplicity on its Side
A fully autonomous, solar-powered robot capable of precision drilling and weeding is set to join the OPICO line up.
Worrying Times for Dogs Attacking Sheep
As we near the end of lambing season, with young lambs out in the fields, dog owners are being reminded to keep their animals under control around sheep and other livestock.
Calderdale Lunds Supreme in Skipton Prime Lambs Show
The Calderdale-based Lund family, from Walshaw Farm, Walshaw, Hebden Bridge, clinched a championship and reserve championship double with a brace of home-bred Beltex-cross pens of five.
Royal Bath & West Show - a Three-Day Celebration of Great British Farming
Returning on 2 June for livestock competitions, paradeg, equine classes and rural crafts - and tickets are now on sale.
Time to Shed New Light on UK Food Security
Technology for covered crops and in the field has potential to increase UK production, say experts.
All Female Line-up of Judges for the 10th Borderway Dairy Expo
Harrison & Hetherington, organisers of the foremost showcase for the British dairy industry, Borderway UK Dairy Expo, has announced its 2022 Judges.