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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 12 cast cows, 5,775 prime hoggs and 3,312 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 3rd January 2019.


Light to 223.0p (191.4p)
Standard to 279.0p (208.0p)
Medium to 277.0p (203.4p)
Heavy to 230.0p (189.6p)

Light to £74.00 (£39.37)
Heavy to £181.00 (£72.44)

Rams to £136.00 (£69.01)

Cast cows continue to sell at recent rates with more required on a weekly basis. Sale topped at £927 and 122p for a Limousin cow shown by Kilnstown Farms Ltd, Bewcastle, who also sold Salers at 116p. Charolais to 115p from MA Blanchflower, Campbeltown.

Longtown sheep ring

5,764 prime hoggs were again a top quality show which attracted all the usual buyers. Demand was shaper than expected with an overall average of 198.9p (SQQ 203.5p). Quality Beltex and Texel hoggs were the best trade with many pens 230-250p per kilo and to a top of 279p for Beltex hoggs shown by R Neill, Upper Tinwald, Dumfries.

Export hoggs all sold mostly between 210-220p per kilo. Heavy hoggs were a marvelous show and a great trade with many pens selling over £100 and to a top of £119 for Texel hoggs from S McKie, Finnieness, Castle Douglas.

Light hoggs which were of good meat sold between 200-210p and to 223p and £71.50 for Cheviot hoggs from Breconside Farming, Moffat.


Beltex 279p Upper Tinwald, 277p, 271p Oakwood, 270p, 264p Hollands, 262p Glencartholm, 261p Oakwood, 258p Kirk House, 254p Glencartholm, 250p Waterside, 248p Crawthat, Glencartholm & Waterside, 247p Hollands, 245p Gass, 242p Lurgan, 240p Oakwood.

Texel 264p High Mossthorn, 259p Mindork, 251p Chapel, 250p Mindork, 243p Old Rectory, 238p Ellerslea & Mindork, 236p Newhouse, 235p Broadlea Cottage, 233p Mindork, 232p Cumcrook & Hermitage, 231p Chapel & Old Rectory, 230p Mindork, Oakwood & Finnieness.

Cheviot 226p Breconside, 223p Main Street & Breconside, 220p Chapel House & East Bowhill, 219p Chapel House, 218p Byrecleugh, Breconside & Ifferdale, 214p, 212p Balure, 211p Cadgillhead, 210p Cumcrook.

Blackface 221p, 216p Lossit, 214p Parkhill, 212p Byrecleugh, 210p Arnicle, Sorbie & Skelfhill, 209p Catslackburn & Kirkhouse, 207p Byrecleugh, 204p West Scales, 204p, 203p Garchew, 202p Rowanburnfot, 200p Yatesfield.

Suffolk 215p Mindork, 209p East Bowhill, 205p Woodhall, 204p West Scales & North House, 202p Chapel House & Plumpe, 201p East Bowhill, 200p Ryehills.

Mule 210p Lossit, 205p Arnicle, 201p Rowanburnfoot, 195p Nunscleugh & Rawburn, 194p Lossit, 193p West Scales, 190p Minsca & Broomhills.

Lleyn 209p, 203p Hemplands.

Charollais 202p, 196p Plumpe, 195p Moss Side.

North Country Cheviot 200p Ericstane, 196p Kelsocleugh, 193p Ericstane.

Cheviot Mule 190p Crosslee.

Swaledale 178p Woodhall, 172p Winter Craig, 171p Westernhopeburn.


Texel £119 Finnieness, £115 Green Aton & Skelfhill, £114 High Mossthorn, £113 Chapel & Finnieness, £112 Lurgan & Branteth, £111 High Mossthorn, £110.50 Catslackburn, £110 Machrihanish, £109 Mindork, £108.50 Kirk House, £108 Finnieness & Somerton House, £107 Yett & Old Rectory, £105.50 Aldermanseat, £105 Green Aton, Cadgillhead, West Scales, Jacksonrigg & Lairdlaugh.

Beltex £114, £111 Oakwood, £111 Hollands, £109 Waterside, Kirk House & Yatesfield, £107 Glencartholm, £106 Oakwood, Kirk House, Hollands & Upper Tinwald, £105 Waterside & Lurgan.

Suffolk £110 Machrihanish, £104 Drumreach, £100 Nether Stenries & Outertown, £99.50 Cowburnrigg, £99 Jacksonrigg, Sceugh Dyke & Tinnishall, £96 Pilmuir & Cadgillhead, £95.50 Broomhill, £95 Cowburnrigg & Tinnishall, £93 Ryehills, £92 Nether Stenries, £90 West Scales & Drumreach.

Mule £100 Low Thorney, £86 The Ash, £85.50 Satchells, £85 Hole Farm & Barnglieshead, £84

Nunscleugh, Old Rectory, The Nook, Westernhopeburn & Barnglieshead.

Charollais £96 Green Aton & Newhouse.

Cheviot £95 Skelfhill & Chapel House, £94 Main Street & Crawthat, £92 Buchtrig, £91 Wicketthorn, £90, £89 Catslackburn, £89 Clerk Hill, £85.50 Cumcrook, £85 Ifferdale.

Blackface £91 Edges Green, £90 Kirkhouse, £85 Skelfhill, £83 Hole Farm, £81.50 West Scales, £80 Satchells.

Cheviot Mule £91 Stobshiel Mains.

North Country Cheviot £90 Auldtoon Cottage, £89 Ericstane.

Lleyn £85.50, £81.50 Hemplands.

Swaledale £65 Westernhopeburn, £64 Woodhall

The 3,312 cast ewes and rams were a similar show on the week and all classes met a good demand. The pure Texel and Beltex ewes were the dearest ever seen at this centre, selling to a top of £181 for a pen of nine Texel ewes shown by J & C Hastings, Kilncroft, Dumfries, closely followed at £180 from IF Murray, Shepherds Cottage, Wooler. Hill ewes to £74 for Blackface from H Hamilton & Co., Glenmanna, Thornhill and Texel rams to £136 from S & M Pickworth, Dotland Park, Hexham.


Texel £181 Kilncroft, £180 Shepherds Cottage, £170 Luce Mains & Hollin Close, £169 Stobshiel Mains & Aton, £164, £160 Shepherds Cottage, £151 Lairdlaugh, £142 Green Aton, £140 Lairdlaugh, £132 Tercrosset, £129, £127 Lairdlaugh, £125 Tercrosset.

Beltex £146, £134, £125, £123 Dotland Park, £120 Comlongun Mains.

Suffolk £116 Quixwood, £103 Woodhall, £98 Park Nook, £97 Thornington, £95 Tenter House.

Charollais £90 Tinnishall, £89, £85 Hunderlee Pastoral.

North Country Cheviot £89 High Moat, £88, £87 Ericstane, £84 High Moat, £82 Stobshiel Mains.

Bluefaced Leicester £88 The Row.

Mule £75 Comlongun Mains, £73 Quixwood, £72 Flex, £70 Preston Farm, £69 Heathery Hall, Albierigg & Laverockbank.

Romney £74 Laverockbank.


Blackface £74 Glenmanna, £55 Tenter House, £54 Albierigg, £53 Aton, £52 Glenmanna, £50 Arnicle.

Cheviot £64 Townfoot, £60 High Crubasdale, £59 Borlick, £58 Douglas Hall, £57 Wicketthorn, Cara View & Skelfhill, £56 Somerton House, £55 Green Aton, Somerton House & Inchie.

Swaledale £43 Harwood Shield.


Texel £136 Dotland Park, £120 High Wood, £114 High Mossthorn.

Charollais £126 Hunderlee Pastoral.

Bluefaced Leicester £116 The Old Police House.

Beltex £100 Dotland Park.

longtown mart

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