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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 4,665 prime hoggs and 4,738 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th February 2019.


Light to 224.0p (200.2p)
Standard to 308.0p (205.8p)
Medium to 281.0p (198.8p)
Heavy to 243.0p (168.9p)

Light to £67.00 (£41.08)
Heavy to £171.00 (£77.75)

Rams £110.00 (£68.95)

A 24 month old British Blue bull made 189p (915kg) and realised £1,729 from J P Lee, Morley Hill, Whitfield

A smaller entry of cast cows and bulls were forward with trade being similar on the week. Beef Shorthorn cows to £953 (117p) from AN & HS Tomkins, Hallsford with a Limousin bull from JP Lee, Morley Hill at 115p. Hill Angus cows to 107p from I & G Aitchison, The Side.  

Longtown sheep ring

4,665 prime hoggs were a larger entry which attracted extra buyers and trade being very similar on the week with an SQQ average of 201.5p (Overall 189p)

Beltex and Texels again sold at a premium, with several pens making 300p per kilo and the majority selling between 240-280p per kilo, with a top of 308p for Beltex hoggs shown by R & S Nixon & Co., Oakwood, Selkirk and then to 305p from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth.

Top average per head was the consignment of 56 Beltex hoggs from Messrs Nixon which averaged £104.72 (and a marvelous 262.6p) and Messrs Taylors run of 47 hoggs averaging £100.79.

Commercial hoggs all sold around the 200p per kilo mark, with another large entry of 1,542 heavy hoggs which were sold at above current rates elsewhere.

Top price per head of £119 and £118 for Beltex hoggs shown by Messrs Taylor, Perth, with Suffolk hoggs to £100 from M & GS Nelson, Braithwaite Hall, Carlisle and Greyface hoggs at £88 from R Simpson, Kirkhouse, Innerleithen. North Country Cheviots sold to £85.50 from R King & Son, Gospel Hall, Jedburgh.

Light hoggs sold very well selling to 236p for Hill Cheviots from Mr Kenndy, Lurgen, Aberfeldy with most pens making between 190-210p per kilo and to a top of £69.50 for 32kg Cheviot hoggs from W Jones, High Bellochantuy, Campbeltown.


Beltex 308p Oakwood, 305p Easter Ochtermuthill, 296p Killocraw, 295p, 292p Hollands, 292p Oakwood, 289p Waterside, 281p Easter Ochtermuthill, 278p Golden Lane & Aton, 276p, 275p, 270p Heathery Hall.   

Texel 276p Bankhead, 275p Braithwaite Hall, 263p High Mossthorn, 261p Kirk House, 249p Stitley, 247p Bankhead, 240p Copperthorns, 239p Hallmyres & Elsdonburn, 236p Copperthorns, 233p Bridge End, 232p Bankhead, 231p High Mossthorn, 230p Leithanhall.         

Cheviot 236p Lurgan, 217p High Bellochantuy, 216p Lurgan, 215p Balure, 214p Linhope, 209p Lurgan, 207p Elsdonburn, 206p Gartymore, 205p Micklethwaite & Elsdonburn.  

Blackface 209p Newton Cottages, 205p Dalbhraddan, 204p, 202p, 201p Aton, 201p Low Tirfergus, 200p Daldhraddan, 198p Aton, 196p Westerhall & Low Tirfergus, 195p Fingland.

Suffolk 208p Haas Grove, 205p Braithwaite Hall, 203p Millriggs & High Bellochantuy, 201p Glenehervie, 200p Millriggs, 198p Machribeg, 197p Ashley Park, 196p Glenehervie.  

Mule 198p Dalbhraddan, 194p Low Tirfergus, 187p Plumpe, 185p Glenehervie.     

North Country Cheviot 194p Ericstane, 191p Newton Cottage.  

Dorset 194p Pennygowan.

Charollais 193p Plumpe.

Cheviot Mule 193p Larkhall.  

Herdwick 190p Fold Head.

Swaledale 165p Gate Ghyll.


Beltex £119, £118 Easter Ochtermuthill, £117 Golden Lane, £116 Newton Cottage & Heathery Hall, £114 Hollands, £113 Waterside, Heathery Hall & Newton Cottage, £112.50 Killocraw, £112 Hollands & Station Yard, £111 Kinloch & Oakwood, £110 Tercrosset, Waterside & Heathery Hall.

Texel £116 Bankhead, £110 Hallmyre & Kirk House, £109 Bankhead, £108 Beckhall, £105 Becton Hall, £104 Hallburn & New Hummerbecks, £102 Strawfrank, £101 Hallmyre, Bankhead & Copperthorns, £100 Haas Grove, Belzies, East Raffles, High Stenries, Guardsmill, High Mossthorn, Woodhead & Station Yard.

Suffolk £100, £95, £90 Braithwaite Hall, £90 West Skelston, Claycrop, Kirkhouse & Sceugh Dyke, £88.50, £88 West Skelston, £88 Guardsmill, £87.50 High Glen Triplock.

Cheviot £92 Lurgan, £89.50 Milnholm, £86.50, £85 West Scales, £84 Aton, £83.50 Longburgh Fauld & West Scales, £82 Milnholm.

Mule £88 Kirkhouse, £85 Forss, £83 Kirkhouse, £80.50 Machribeg & Mid Dargavel.

North Country Cheviot £85.50 Gospel Hall, £83.50 Ericstane, £83 Nisbet Mill, £82 Halket Leaths,

£81 Carruthers, £80 Halket Leaths, Durran Mains & Ericstane.   

Blackface £85 Kirkhouse, £78.50 Glenshanna, £76.50 Roughet Hill, £76 Fingland & Riskenhope, £75.50 Broathill & Roughet Hill, £75 Longburgh Fauld, Balliemeanoch, Burnhouse & Aton.

Charollais £84.50 Bridge End, £83.50 Plumpe.  

Cheviot Mule £84 Larkhall.

Swaledale £77.50 Jerriestown.  

Herdwick £77 Newtown.

The 4,738 cast ewes and rams were a larger entry, usual buyers present and trade dearer all round by £5-10 on the week. Best Beltex and Texels again met a premium and to a top of £158 for Texel ewes from Viewley, then to £157 from Highmoor, Wigton. 443 ewes sold at £100 or over to average £121.77. Hill ewes to £69 for Cheviot ewes from Elliot Farms, Blackhaugh, Galashiels and rams to £120 for Texel from C Ryrie, East Kirk, Caithness.  


Texel £158 Viewley, £157 Highmoor, £155 Bryndansi & Woodhead, £153 Ward Hall Guards & East Kirk, £152 Beckfoot, £149 Heatherglen, £148 Beckfoot, £147 Viewley & Heatherglen, £146 Dykehead & Strawfrank, £143 Durran Mains, £142 Lairdlaugh, £141 Viewley & Elsdonburn, £140 Ward Hall Guards & Heatherglen.

Beltex £147 Bridgestone, £116 Evening Hill, £112 Heatherglen.  

Rouge £141 Beckfoot.

Charollais £140, £117, £110 Viewley, £100 Pastures View.    

Suffolk £130 Plantation Cottage, £118 Beckfoot, £115 Nether Stenries, £111, £107 Beckfoot, £106 Pastures View, £105 Drinkstone.       

Blue du Maine £108 Ward Hall Guards.

North Country Cheviot £98, £96, £92 Pastures View.    

Bluefaced Leicester £97 Marygate, £93 Quarry House.  

Mule £77 Geltsdale, £75 High Glen Triplock, £74 Dykehead & East Todholes, £73 Troloss, The Anvil & Drumhumphrey, £71 Kirkton Hill & Muirhead, £70 Wyseby Hill, Morley Hill & Shawhill, £69 Nether Stenries, Weary Hall Style, Gibbs Hill, Skinnet, Milnholm, Dryfeholm & Howpark.  

Cheviot Mule £76 Easter Templand.  


Cheviot £69 Blackhaugh, £67 Wardlaw, £66 Elsdonburn & Geltsdale, £65 Balure, Townfoot & Satchells, £64 Blackhaugh & The Anvil, £62 Priesthaugh, £60 Kirkbride, Blackhaugh & Maidencots.   

Blackface £68, £63 Quarry House, £61 Fingland, £59 Marygate, £58 Lawesknowe, Gartvaigh, Stonehouse, Gibbs Hill & Bonsor Estate.    

Lleyn £61 Nether Stenries.

Easycare £60 Blackhaugh, £55 Cleongart.

Herdwick £56 Whitedyke.

Swaledale £38 East Todholes, £37 Dryfeholm.


Texel £120 East Kirk, £117 Beckfoot, £103 Bankhead, £100 Halgary, Low Tirfergus & High Stenries.  

Suffolk £108 Kirkton Hill.

Bluefaced Leicester £90 Blackhaugh, £87 Gospel Hall.    

Cheviot £81 Milnholm, £80 Becks & Priesthaugh.   

North Country Cheviot £75 Durran Mains.

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