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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 24 cast cows, 4,896 prime hoggs and 3,784 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 31st January 2019.


Light to 268.0p (188.6p)
Standard to 314.0p (207.0p)
Medium to 305.0p (204.2p)
Heavy to 245.0p (180.9p)

Light to £77.00 (£48.01)
Heavy to £164.00 (£76.14)

Rams £110.00 (£74.27)

A larger entry of cast cows was forward, with a large proportion being hill cows although all classes meeting a shaper trade with more required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at 114p for a Beef Shorthorn from JDM Thomson, Pilmuir, Hawick and 112p for Limousins from the same home. Galloway cows to 104p from Eskdalemuir Forestry Ltd, Clerkhill, Eskdalemuir. Top price per head of £930 and £820 from Pilmuir.

Longtown sheep ring

The 4,896 prime hoggs were a quality show with more buyers operating, trade was much sharper than anticipated to average 196.6p (SQQ 203.7p). Best quality Beltex and Texel hoggs would average over 250p with a top for the first time this season of 314p for Beltex hoggs from R & S Nixon & Co., Oakwood, Selkirk, who’s consignment of hoggs averaged 273p (£103.81). Commercial hoggs sold between 200-225p per kilo.

Top price per head of £122 for Beltex hoggs shown by DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth and a tremendous show of heavy hoggs was forward and many pens selling over £100 and to a top of £116 for 55kg Texel hoggs from EJC Dean, Kirk House, Brampton.

Suffolks sold to £105 from T Armstrong & Son, Sceugh Dyke, Calthwaite, Greyface hoggs to £100 from A Beattie, Edge Farm, Ecclefechan and Blackface to £87.50 from Firm of NB Conaghan, West Scales, Gretna.

Light hoggs were another strong demand with most pens between 200-220p per kilo and to £86 (32kg) for Beltex hoggs shown by RM & CM Squair, Lower Killernie, Fife.  


Beltex 314p Oakwood, 308p Carse of Clary, 305p Easter Ochtermuthill, 294p Lurgan, 294p, 293p Oakwood, 292p Carse of Clary & Hollands, 285p Killocraw & Oakwood, 283p Carse of Clary.      

Texel 245p Lurgan, 243p, 242p High Mossthorn, 241p Heathery Hall, 238p Wham Head, 237p Crawthat, 236p Lingey Field, 235p Lurgan, 233p Macharioch, 228p Low Knockrioch, 223p Dashwell Green & Lingey Field, 222p Glendue, 221p The Ash.     

Mule 219p, 213p Saddell Home Farm, 201p Batey Shield & Dalbhraddan, 197p Beltonhill, 192p Dalbhraddan, 190p Merkland.        

Blackface 218p, 213p Craigens, 209p Wham Head, 206p Craigens, 203p, 201p West Scales, 200p Glenmanna, 199p Upper Tinwald, 198p Catslackburn, 196p Skelfhill, 195p Longburgh Fauld.  

Cheviot 212p Glendearg & North House, 211p Heathery Hall, 210p Catslackburn, 208p, 207p, 206p Glendearg, 206p Catslackburn, 203p Westernhopeburn & Longburgh Fauld, 202p Heathery Hall, 201p Catslackburn & Glendiven Cottage, 200p Beltonhill, Craigens, Macharioch & Glendiven Cottage.      

Charollais 212p Craigens, 205p Cadgillhead, 200p Low Knockrioch.    

Suffolk 208p Heathery Hall, 206p Pilmuir & Coille, 204p Sceugh Dyke & North House, 203p Heathery Hall, Springwell Park & Newbiggin, 201p Cadgillhead, Coille & Plumpe.

North Country Cheviot 201p, 200p, 195p, 194p Ericstane, 194p Mid Calder.

Herdwick 201p Orthwaite Hall.     

Cheviot Mule 199p Marwhirn, 196p Canina Gardens.

Dorset 194p, 190p Mid Dargavel.   

Swaledale 183p Gate Ghyll.  


Beltex £122 Easter Ochtermuthill, £120, £119 Carse of Clary, £117 Easter Ochtermuthill, £116 Lower Killernie, £114 Hollands, Carse of Clary & Oakwood, £113 Hollands, Easter Ochtermuthill & Killocraw, £111.50 Oakwood, £111 Lower Killernie, Killocraw & Copperthorns, £110 Oakwood.

Texel £116 Kirk House, £115 Fearn Farm, £113 Lurgan, £112 Woodside of Chapelton, £111, £110 Kirk House, £110 Laws Hall, £109 Station Yard, £107 Castlehill, Aton, Woodside of Chapelton & Fearn Farm, £105 Station Yard & Kirk House.

Suffolk £105, £102 Sceugh Dyke, £97 Chapelton of Menmuir, £95 Oswie, £93.50 Cadgillhead, Knowe & Fearn Farm, £92 Beechgrove, £91.50 Copperthorns & Hallburn, £90 Newbiggin & Sceugh Dyke.   

Charollais £105 Edge, £95 Thackwood, £90 Low Knockrioch.         

North Country Cheviot £102 Swinside Townfoot, £91 Mid Calder, £90 Ericstane.

Mule £100 Edge, £98, £96 Aton, £95 Edge, £94 Orthwaite Hall, £92 Nunscleugh, £88.50

Fardingjames, £87 Yewtree, £86.50 Batey Shield, £86 Fardingjames, £85 Newtown.

Romney £96 Aton.

Rouge £95.50 Plumpe.

Dorset £92.50 Mid Dargavel.

Cheviot £90 Copperthorns, £89.50 Longburgh Fauld, £87.50 Macharioch, £87 Lower Killernie, £85.50 Macharioch, £84.50 Glendearg, £83.50 Longburgh Fauld, £83 Glendearg, £82.50 North House, £82 Falnash.

Herdwick £90 Edge.

Blackface £87.50 West Scales, £87 Hole Farm, £86 Longburgh Fauld, £85.50 West Scales, £85 Hole Farm & Wanwood Hill, £80 Hole Farm & Hott.   

Cheviot Mule £83.50 Marwhirn, £82 Fardingjames.      

The 3,784 cast sheep were a similar entry with extra buyers operating. As numbers start to tighten, demand was much stronger with all classes up on the week, with 336 ewes selling at £100 and over to average £126.86. No Irish ewes forward due to a strong trade over the water. Heavy ewes to £164 for Texels from Viewley, closely followed at £163 from R Osborne, Castlehill, Thornhill. Hill ewes to £77 for Blackfaces from Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill, Alston. Texel rams to £110 from SD & A Allen, Ellerslea, Dalston.  


Texel £164 Viewley, £163 Castlehill, £161 Newbigging, £160 Dundraw, £157 Windyhill, £155 Newbigging & Viewley, £154 Carran, £151 Langdyke Cottage & Thackwood, £148 Viewley & Bensons Fell, £147 Castlehill & Fowrass, £146 Viewley & Balgray Hill, £145 Carran, £144 Quarry House, Gilston & Fowrass, £143 Chapelton of Menmuir, £142 Lairdlaugh & Heathery Hall, £141 Grassmainston & Swallows Barn, £140 Quarry House, Fowrass & Newbigging.

Beltex £142 Beck Farm, £141 Swallows Barn, £134 Waterside, £126 West Farm.

Charollais £126 Thackwood, £115 Fowrass, £108 Thackwood, £102 West Farm.  

Roussin £114 Compstone End.

Suffolk £112 Bloomgate, £111 Skelfhill, £107 Newbigging & Upper Ouston, £100 Swallows Barn, £100, £97 Mavesy, £97 Trailtrow, £96 Oswie, £95 Sunnyhill.   

Zwartble £94 Hoscote Estate, £84 Achalone Croft.

North Country Cheviot £90 Forss, £88 Ericstane, £86 Swinside Townfoot, £85 Knockdee Farms.

Mule £86 Tister, £77 Greengatehouse, £75 Bensons Fell, Westhills & Swallows Barn, £74 Cowburnrigg & Allfornaught, £73 Oswie & High House, £72 Canina Gardens, Low Leam, Newbigging & Broomhill, £70 Yewtree, Marygate, Waterside, High House, Quarry House & Heathery Hall.    

Bluefaced Leicester £86 Hill Brae, £80 Cassington.

Cheviot Mule £83 Swinside Townfoot.  


Blackface £77 Wanwood Hill, £64 High Staward, £63 Westhills, £60 Pitaldonich & Quarry House.

Lleyn £76, £73 Over Whitlaw.  

Cheviot £75 Skelfhill, £73 The Shaws & Falnash, £71 Castlehill, £70 Glenmanna, £68 Rawburn, Fearn & Westerhouses, £67 Twislehope, £66 Castlehill.

Goat £67, £60 Cleughead.

Swaledale £58, £55 Barker House, £54, £53 Low Leam.

Easycare £57 Nether Stenries.


Texel £110 Ellerslea, £109 Yewtree, £107 Plocan, £105 Longhurst & Castlehill, £100 Carran.  

Charollais £105 Mid Upper Priestside.

North Country Cheviot £105 Ericstane.

Beltex £104 Carse of Clary.

Suffolk £103 Bardnaclaven.

Cheviot £95 Twislehope.  

Bluefaced Leicester £94 Castlehill.

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