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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 19 cattle, 4,558 prime hoggs and 3,017 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th March 2019.


Light to 238.0p (205.8p)
Standard to 326.0p (214.3p)
Medium to 312.0p (212.0p)
Heavy to 256.0p (180.8p)

Light to £88.00 (£55.98)
Heavy to £166.00 (£94.28)

Rams to £108.00 (£73.58)

An increased entry of cattle was forward and met a fast selling trade for all classes, with extra buyers present at ringside. Cows sold to 120p for Simmentals from Shaw of Dryfe, Lockerbie and for Limousin cows shown by PT Dayson, Whamtown. Galloways sold very well to a top of 117p from J Gemmill & Son, Ifferdale, Campbeltown and 112p from J Ions, High Thorneyburn, Hexham, with Angus cows selling at 112p from Whamtown and 111p from Ifferdale.

Store type Angus bullocks to 156p and Galloways to 154p both shown by Messrs Gemmill, Campbeltown.

Longtown sheep ring

4,558 prime hoggs were a similar show with quality mixed. Buyers the keenest for some time with the seasons best trade so far. Overall average 198.4p (SQQ 212.3p).

Export hoggs; the majority Cheviots and Blackface, all sold around 210-230p per kilo.

Heavy hoggs contained many pens of quality lots with the majority of these £94-£98. Top price per head of £125 for Beltex hoggs from DS & RC Taylor, Easter Ochtermuthill, Perth and J Guthrie, Cuiltburn, Crieff. Top pence per kilo of 326p was also achieved by Messrs Taylor, Perth with Beltex hoggs.

Suffolks to £94 from Guardsmill & Pouton, Greyface to £91.50 Kellah and North Cheviots selling to £91 from Wester Dunnet.

Light hoggs very dear and short of requirements, selling to £74 (238p) for 31kg Cheviot hoggs from G Sutherland, Halgary, Caithness, with many other pens at 220-240p.


Beltex 326p Easter Ochtermuthill, 321p Cuiltburn, 317p West Micklethwaite, 316p, 312p Easter Ochtermuthill, 305p West Micklethwaite & Hollands, 297p Cuiltburn.

Texel 246p, 245p Sherra Craig, 236p Cardewlees, 235p East Raffles, 232p Home Farm, 229p Whins, 226p Longlea, 224p West Scales, 223p Bridge End, 222p Main Street, 221p Eriff Estate & Brisco Meadows, 220p Sandilands & Macharioch.          

Cheviot 238p, 235p, 233p Halgary, 233p, 227p Unthank, 226p Leapsrigg, 223p Longburgh Fauld & Upper Hindhope, 222p Jerriestown & Leapsrigg, 220p West Scales & Waterloo.  

Blackface 224p Eriff Estate, 216p Westerloch, 212p Eriff Estate, 211p Prestrie, 210p Eriff Estate, Upper Hindhope & Leapsrigg, 208p Eriff Estate, 208p, 207p Balachallan, 206p Pasture House, 205p Lawesknowe & Little Tongue.  

Suffolk 222p Plumpe, 212p Guardsmill & Brisco Meadows, 209p Oswie, 207p Gartvaigh, 201p Creca Hall & Barnglies, 200p High Cattadale, Whins & Brisco Meadows.      

Mule 216p Maidencots, 206p, 204p Prestrie, 204p Hollands, 203p Prestrie.

Herdwick 215p Bridge End, 210p, 204p Rowhead.    

Cheviot Mule 202p Crosslee, 200p Barnglies.    

Charollais 201p Mid Harrietsfield.

Dorset 192p Low Field House.

Lleyn 191p Gatehousecote.

Swaledale 182p Pasture House.


Beltex £125 Cuiltburn, £125, £124, £122 Easter Ochtermuthill, £122 The Fitz, £118 Cuiltburn, £117 Easter Ochtermuthill, £116 West Micklethwaite & Hollands, £111 West Micklethwaite, £110 Drumcairn & Station Yard.

Texel £113, £108 Sherra Craig, £104 Kirk House, £103.50 East Raffles, £102 Longlea, £101.50 Cardewlees, £101 Auchengray, £100 Dundraw, Roses Bower, High House, Home Farm & Sherra Craig.   

Cheviot £97.50 Tempest Tower, £96.50 Newton Field & Jerriestown, £95.50 Pouton, Unthank, Newton Field & Jerriestown, £95 Upper Kidston, £94.50 Pouton & Sandbed, £93.50 Longburghfauld, Sandbed, Sherra Craig, High House & Becks.  

Dorset £95 Westerloch.

Suffolk £94 Guardsmill & Pouton, £93.50 Guardsmill, Dryfeholm, Low Hallburn & Plumpe, £93 Pasture House, £92.50 Dryfeholm, Low Hallburn & Creca Hall, £91 Brisco Meadows & Guardsmill, £90 Oswie, Brisco Meadows, Whins & Westernhopeburn.

Blackface £93.50 Balachallan, £90 Gibblaston, £89.50 Balachallan, £88.50 Gibblaston & Eriff Estate, £88 Upper Kidston.  

Mule £91.50 Kellah, £90.50 Prestrie, £90 Kellah & Weary Hall Style, £89.50 Prestrie, £88.50 Patties

Hill, £88 Brisco Meadows, £87.50 Upper Hindhope.

North Country Cheviot £91 Wester Dunnet, £90 Tister.   

Cheviot Mule £90.50 West Mains, £89 Crosslee, £88 Brisco Meadows, £85 Barnglies.

Half-bred £86 Barnglies.

Herdwick £84 Rowhead.   

Swaledale £82.50 Gate Ghyll.  

A larger entry of 3,018 cast ewes and rams saw more buyers competing therefore trade was again very dear with all classes again slightly dearer on the week. 596 ewes sold at £100 or more to average £122.81. Best Beltex and Texel ewes sold to £166 for Texel ewes from A Pirie, Machrihanish, Campbeltown, closely followed at £165 from JH & SM Anderson, Cloy Farm, Fortrose. Suffolk ewes sold to £116 also from Machrihanish, with Greyface ewes to £100 from Kirtleside, Charollais to £142 from Thackwood and North Country Cheviots to £107 from Temon.

Light ewes saw many pens selling between £70-£80 and to £88 for Blackface from JDM Thomson, Pilmuir, Hawick. Rams to £108 for Suffolks from Pastures View.


Texel £166 Machrihanish, £165 Cloy Farm, £163 Beckfoot, £162 Viewley, £161 Eastside, £160 Viewley, £159 Woodhead, £158 Chaseside, £154 Fir Trees, Bardnaclaven & Newbigging, £149 Viewley & Cardewlees, £148 Sandilands, £146 Viewley & Greenwood, £145 Kinninghall, £144 Chaseside & Fearn, £143 Beckfoot & Gatehousecote, £142 Wester Dunnet & Nirvana, £141 Kirranrae, £140 Rowanburn.   

Charollais £142 Thackwood, £130 Beckfoot & Viewley, £122 Pastures View, £119 Beckfoot, £118 Viewley & Bennachie.  

Beltex £140, £108 Fir Trees, £104 Newbigging, £100 Cuiltburn.

Rouge £136 Chaseside.

Continental £128 Fir Trees, £115 Chaseside.   

Suffolk £116 Machrihanish, £110 Beckfoot & Chaseside, £108 Beckfoot, £107 Viewley, £106, £104 Skelfhill, £104 Chaseside, £101 Beckfoot, £100 Sowerby Wood & Pasture View.

North Country Cheviot £107 Temon, £94 Forss, £92 Longoe, £90 Townfoot & Damside.

Mule £100 Kirtleside, £94 Nirvana, £88 Balliemore, £87 Townfoot, £86 High Mossthorn, £85 Shawhill, £84 Broomlands.

Bluefaced Leicester £98 Townfoot, £92 The Barton, £90 Dollarbank.  

Half-bred £93, £92 Pastures View.

Border Leicester £92 Ingleston.    

Cheviot Mule £88 Berryfell, Gillesbie & Forss.


Blackface £88 Pilmuir, £76 Mains of Collin, £75, £71 Upper Chatto, £69 Millantae, £68 Stonehouse.        

Cheviot £80 Allfornaught, £79 Forss, £79, £78 Annandale Estate, £77, £76 Allfornaught, £76 Clachan, £75 Borrobol, £74 Byers, £73 Drumreach & Upper Hindhope, £72 Bardnaclaven, £71 Station Yard & Upper Chatto.

Lleyn £70 Marygate.

Swaledale £68 Spoutbank, £63 Woodfoot.

Herdwick £60 Rowhead.

Goat £57 Viewley.


Suffolk £108 Pastures View.     

Texel £103 High Aketon.

North Country Cheviot £99 Wester Dunnet.   

Beltex £94 Gate Ghyll.

Cheviot £86 Upper Chatto.  

Blackface £70 Upper Chatto.  

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