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Jennifer Mackenzie

Stackyard News

edited by Jennifer MacKenzie

Agricultural, Environmental, Countryside and Farming News from the UK and beyond.

Martin Down Farmers are the Bees’ Needs for Pollinators
A pioneering group of farmers on the Hampshire/Dorset border has had their conservation efforts recognised by Defra with a ‘Bees’ Needs Award’ in the Farming category.
Unlock the Potential of Crops with Trial-Backed Bio-Stimulants
AminoA demonstrates how to achieve yield and efficacy improvements with biotechnology range at CropTec 2020.
British Blue Calf Retains Championship at Skipton Christmas Showcase
The annual rearing calf highlight saw Alan Middleton, who trades under the family partnership of JP&KE Hartley at Lane House Farm, Beamsley, again stand supreme champion.
Robotriks - Making Farm Robotics Affordable
Agricultural robots have gained in popularity as farmers increasingly turn to technologies that make their processes easier and more efficient. B
New Antibiotic Targets for UK Farm Animals Build On Previous Success
New targets for the responsible use of antibiotics over the next four years have been released today, European Antibiotic Awareness Day (18 November), by a task force of leading vets and farmers.
Beltex Breeders Donate to Charity
Between the Beltex Sheep Society and its members, £1700 has been donated to charities supporting the rural community.
Connecting the Public to Local Food
It could be the key to building more efficient and robust food supply chains and maximising the value of local markets.

Oct 2020