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Longtown Primestock Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 23 cast cows, 4,242 prime hoggs and 4,388 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 17th January 2019.


Light to 221.0p (196.3p) 
Standard to 281.0p (202.5p) 
Medium to 282.0p (201.2p) 
Heavy to 227.0p (172.3p)

Light to £60.00 (£42.65) 
Heavy to £146.00 (£68.86)

Rams £128.00 (£72.84)

A larger entry of cast cows was forward and met a brisk selling trade throughout, with more required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at £1,118 for a Limousin cow shown by JDM Thomson, Pilmuir followed by a Charolais at £920 from D Baxter, Moss Side. Luings to £870 from TG Warwick & Son, Girnwood and Beef Shorthorns to £760 shown by WN Douglas, Catslackburn.

Top price per kilo of 145p from Girnwood, Limousins to 134p and 124p from Pilmuir. Charolais sold to 124p and 115p from Moss Side with Beef Shorthorns selling to 112p from Catslackburn.

Longtown sheep ring

4,242 prime hoggs were another quality entry. Against all odds, buyers were extra keen and as a result trade was very sharp with the sale averaging 193.7p (SQQ 201.4p), which would be an increase in price against early week markets.

Export weights sold between 210-250p and to a top of 282p for Texel hoggs shown by G Brough, Old Rectory, Kirkbampton closely followed at 281p for Beltex hoggs from A&A Little, Hollands, Penton.    

Heavy hoggs as with the trend were 10p less on the week and to a top of £113 for Texel hoggs from A R Bell & Son, Kirkton, Hawick and again from Old Rectory.  

Light hoggs sold at 200-220p and to £64 for 29kg Cheviot hoggs from M & J Kennedy, Lurgan, Aberfeldy.


Texel 282p Old Rectory, 255p Lingey Field, 234p Bombie, 233p Crawthat, 231p Guardsmill, 230p Moor Side & North Park, 226p West Scales, 225p Bombie & High Wreay, 224p Hallburn, 223p Crawthat, 222p High Mossthorn, 220p Chapel House.   

Beltex 281p, 276p Hollands, 258p Waterside, 256p Whitstonehill, 253p Hollands, 252p Lingey Field, 248p Waterside, 247p Gate Ghyll & Whitstonehill, 242p Hollands, 237p Park Nook, 235p Chapel House, 231p Drumburn.    

Cheviot 221p Lurgan, 215p Marchbank, 212p Mid Harrietsfield, 211p Chapel House, 209p Marchbank & Farhills, 208p Maryholm, 207p Glendiven Cottage, 205p Sorbie, Longburgh Fauld & Farhills.     

Suffolk 214p Shield Green, 207p Achamore & High Cattadale, 205p Ryehills & High Crubasdale, 204p High Bellochantuy, 203p Archerbeck, 202p Upper Tinwald, 200p Kimmeter Green & Archerbeck.   

Blackface 213p Bragleenmore, 211p Chirdon, 209p Sorbie, 208p Arnicle, 207p, 206p Maryholm, 204p Sorbie & West Scales, 201p Bramulloch & Maryholm, 200p West Scales, Low Tirfergus, Peel & Chirdon.

Charollais 208p Knowe, 204p Old Rectory, 201p Knowe.  

North Country Cheviot 206p Ericstane, 204p Roughet Hill, 202p Ericstane, 200p Gillesbie House, 198p, 197p Ericstane, 195p Whitstonehill.    

Cheviot Mule 205p Kirkbride, 202p Marchbank, 201p Kirkbride, 200p Longburgh Fauld.   

Herdwick 203p North Park.   

Mule 200p Marwhirn, 197p Guardsmill, 193p Low Tirfergus & Achamore, 189p West Scales, 188p Nunscleugh & Camphill, 187p Arnicle & Pitland Hills, 186p Longburgh Fauld, Hollands & Pitland Hills, 185p Hepplehill.      

Lonk 196p Glendiven Cottage.

Swaledale 181p, 175p Minsca, 174p Orthwaite Hall.  

Dutch Texel 193p Old Rectory.


Texel £113 Kirkton & Old Rectory, £112 Colinton Mains, £110 Nilston Rigg, £109 Eastside, £109, £107.50 Kirkton, £107 Aton, £106 Colinton Mains, £102 Lingey Field, £100 Nilston Rigg, Bombie & Crawthat.    

Beltex £111 Lingey Field, Whitstonehill & Waterside, £109 Hollands & Whitstonehill, £107 Hollands & Park Nook, £105 Hollands, £104 Waterside, £103.50 Whitstonehill, £102 Hollands, Wood Farm & Park Nook, £100 Wood Farm.

Suffolk £97, £96 Sceugh Dyke, £90 High House & Colmslie Hill, £89 High Cattadale & Achamore, £87.50 Midtown, Guardsmill & Archerbeck, £87 Guardsmill & High Bellochantuy.

Charollais £92 Old Rectory, £86.50 Knowe, £85 West Scales.       

Dutch Texel £92 Old Rectory.   

North Country Cheviot £90 Whitstonehill, £85.50, £85, £84.50 Ericstane, £85 Ifferdale.    

Mule £88 Nilston Rigg, £86 Aldery Terrace, £84.50 Hollands, £83.50 Camphill, Newtown &

Bramulloch, £83 Achamore, Guardsmill & Nunscleugh, £82 Pitland Hills, Barnglieshead, Thornhope & Old Rectory.

Blackface £88 Camphill, £87 Allensgreen, £86 Craig Douglas, £80 Glendiven Cottage.    

Cheviot Mule £87 Marchbank, £86, £85 Longburgh Fauld, £85 Marwhirn.    

Cheviot £86 Ifferdale & Longburgh Fauld, £84 Low Tirfergus, £82 Sorbie & Glendiven Cottage, £81.50 Millriggs & Glenshanna, £80.50 Fearn Farm, £80 Marygate, Eastside, Glendiven Cottage & Farhills.  

Herdwick £85 Mid Harrietsfield.

The 4,388 cast ewes and rams were another good entry with the usual buyers to the fore. Unfortunately, trade was easier by £5-8 on the week which has been the case all week. Best Texel and Beltex ewes still commanding the best prices. Top of £146 for Texel ewes from G Wilkinson, Arkleby House, Aspatria with hill ewes to £60 for Blackface ewes from Hendries Bros, Millands, Ayr. Texel rams to £128 from Newbigging.


Texel £146 Arkleby House, £141 Crailloch, £140 Wood Farm, £136 Kirkton, £135 Crailloch, £134 Aton, £128 Arkleby House & Huntington, £127 Chaseside, £126 Arkleby House, £122 Catslackburn, Cracrop, Culquhasen & Upper Hundalee, £121 Brockholes, £120 Tercrosset, Sharplaw & Wood Farm.     

Charollais £108 Nether Stenries, £103 Beckfoot, £102, £93 Chaseside, £91 Drumgrange.  

Beltex £108 Tercrosset, £100 The Wreay.     

Suffolk £97 Heatherglen, £93 Howgillside, £89 Colmslie Hill, £87 Huntington, £86 Croft Cottage & Chaseside.     

Roussin £85 Drumgrange.  

Border Leicester £80 Justinlees.      

North Country Cheviot £75 Hownam Grange, £75, £73 North Synton, £71 Larkhall.       

Cheviot Mule £72 Guardsmill, £71 Cracrop.

Mule £72 Guardsmill, £71 Jacksonrigg, £69 West Raw & Corries Mill, £68 Lowarkland & Hoddamtown, £67 Brisco Meadows, Fala Hill & Spoutbank, £66 Eastside, Newbigging & Cowburnrigg, £65 Thornington, Snab, Corries Mill & Nether Stenries.  


Blackface £60, £59 Millands, £56.50 High House, £56 Fala & Derrie Farm, £54 Millands, £53 Pitlands Hills, £52, £51 Drumgrange, £50 West Raw.     

Lleyn £58 Loanend.  

Cheviot £57 Derrie Farm, £56 Marygate & Sorbie, £55 Catslackburn.     

Easycare £57 Mossfennan, £52 Loanend.  

Swaledale £46 High Parkfoot, £42 Broomhills.


Texel £128 Newbigging, £121 Eastside, £117 High Wreay, £106 Moorfoot Cottage, £105 East Benridge.  

Bluefaced Leicester £110, £106 Brownleazes.  

Suffolk £108 Catslackburn, £100 Marygate.  

Beltex £108 Cracrop.

Charollais £105 Laurel.  

longtown mart

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